Nebraska commit will be in Lincoln on 10/16

One of Nebraska's early commits is wide receiver Wallace Franklin from Beaumont (Texas) Ozen. He is looking to be part of the West Coast Offense in Lincoln, but as of right now he isn't playing a lot of offense or defense for that matter in high school.

The only thing that Wallace Franklin is doing is playing in games right now. Two weeks ago he sprained it early in a game and played on it this past week.

"I had X-Rays done and they said that nothing is wrong," Franklin said. "It's high ankle sprain. They are having me rehab and see the trainer everyday."

When Franklin is on the field, surprisingly, he isn't playing a lot of offense. His team is particularly deep at the wide receiver position which leave Franklin with his friend, and fellow Cornhusker commit Calvin Mickens, in the secondary.

"We won a big game Friday. We beat Nederland by three. I played the whole game. I had like three receptions and I scored a touchdown off of a reverse. I also got an interception on defense."

"I have been playing mostly defense. I go three series in a row and then I rest one. They are playing the most though on defense at cornerback."

It's obvious that Franklin likes offense best. But, he makes a strong candidate to play defensive back than others on his team giving how long he has played receiver and knowing what to look for in a receiver running the routes.

Since he committed to Nebraska in August that hasn't been enough to get some schools to move on from recruiting Franklin. "Most schools are still calling me," Franklin said. "Missouri keeps calling."

Franklin has an official visit set for 10/16 to Nebraska to see them play Baylor. Franklin committed to Nebraska sight un-seen, so what are some things that he is looking for to make sure that he made the right choice?

"I want to see the a lot. I want to see a game. I also want to see the area. I want to see a lot of things, I've never been out that way."

Being from southern Texas a lot of people may be scared of a potential temperature change from warmer to possibly cold temperatures in October, but not Franklin. He is looking forward to a little cooler climate in Nebraska.

"No sir, I've never seen snow before."

Franklin has 15 receptions for 159 yards on the season and one touchdown receiving and another one rushing. Franklin though is leading 20-4A in interceptions with four.

"Calvin and I are having a contest," Franklin said. "We're racing on interceptions, yards and touchdowns. Just a friendly bet. I lead in interceptions and yards. I have one touchdown from an interception and he has one. Mine was 86 yards and his was 50-something."

"I also lead in punt returns too. Nebraska is talking to me about returning punts. I have seen most of their games. I didn't see the Kansas game. I have a friend that goes up to Kansas."

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