One official scheduled for D.J. Hord

Having a target on your back is part and parcel with being one of the more touted recruits around the country. That's the current plight of standout wide receiver, D.J. Hord. He's got a target square on his back, his front or anywhere he's at, he'll find no less than two other people there. It makes life tough, but for Hord, he's living it up as this one likes to rise to the occasion.

Through 4 games, D.J. Hord has about 300 yards receiving. That probably doesn't sound like much for one of the most touted receivers in the land, but that's taking into account how many people there are trying to keep him from even getting it once.

Try about three.

With the cornerback jamming him at the line, the outside linebacker picking him up over the middle to take even more space and the safety playing over the top, Hord is literally getting triple-covered on every single play.

That's quite ok with Hord though, because they may be limiting him as much as they can, but that's opening up opportunities on the other side. "It's great for those guys." D.J. said of the rest of the receiving core. "The guys are all over and that means everyone else is seeing single coverage."

"I love it, because that means the team benefits and that's what it's all about."

To the tune of a 3-1 record, the only loss for Hord's team coming to the perennial powerhouse, Blue Springs.

It's a game that Hord would like to avenge, but he knows there's an entire season before there's even a chance that will occur.

While he waits, he plays and while the yards and touchdowns may not be piling up, the attention for Hord just keeps piling on, the phone ringing consistently often. "It's been hectic." He said. "But, I am kind of used to it by now, so it's not so bad."

Used to it, yes, but not so used to it that he's not found a way to figure out some of the teams that are working their way into some sort of final list. Not at the top of that list as D.J. said he's listing no favorites, but the only team with a visit scheduled thus far is the fighting irish of Notre Dame. That visit is scheduled for December 3rd.

Adding to the Irish are contenders like LSU, Missouri, Kansas State, Oklahoma and Nebraska amongst others.

Missouri seems like an obvious choice seeing as they are the main in-state school. And due to recent successes, Oklahoma and LSU are also easy to see. Kansas State comes in there, but a team that just a year ago wouldn't have made D.J.'s top fifty, now sits amongst those that he is at least looking at as a team to officially visit this year.

The home of the "option", the home of the best running team in football. That's what Nebraska was.

Not anymore. "I had to see it to believe it." Hord said. "I know what they said and all that about them passing more, but I had to see it for myself."

"And they are, no doubt about it, so that puts them up there with the rest."

What will separate the bunch for Hord will more than likely be the program that fits him best as a receiver, but as a student as well. D.J. has been steadfast in his consistency in that he's going to go somewhere to play, but he's looking to learn off the field on the way. "If I don't play football after college, I want a degree that will take me places and that will get me a good job." He said.

"I am looking at business administration maybe in the construction business, so that's something I will be looking at whatever schools I am looking at."

The immediacy is obviously not there for Hord as Notre Dame should be well beyond the end of his final year. After his visits, however, D.J. wasn't sure how much time he would take, if much time at all. "I figure once I am comfortable that I have seen everything and everyone I need to say, I'll make a decision." He said. "I can't say when that will be though. I kind of wish I knew, but that's how this stuff goes."

"You just have to experience it all for yourself."

D.J. will be doing just that and again, says he has no leader. And, D.J. went on to say that he doesn't foresee even naming one anytime soon. "It's too early for any of that." He said. "I'm sure at some point I will have a good idea, but it will probably be after my visits and not before."

Hord is averaging over 11 yards a reception on the year and has scored 6 times.

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