Husker momentum continues with latest commit

It wasn't supposed to happen like it did. It was supposed to be just one visit of many as he figured out which college would suit him best. That's not how it worked out, however, for one of the nation's top running backs, Leon Jackson. It was one and done for him and now, he's a future Husker.

On his way into Lincoln for his official visit, running back, Leon Jackson had no idea what to expect.

One thing he certainly wasn't expecting though, was not even to make it back to Washington with his mind already made up as to where he wanted to go. "I thought it was just going to be a visit and I would take more before I made up my mind." Leon said.

"It didn't work out that way though."

It didn't work out, because Leon got a lot more than he expected on his trip to Lincoln. A lot more insight, a lot more entertainment and basically, a lot of everything he wanted in his school of choice. "It was just everything there." He said. "The atmosphere was great, the coaches, the players and the education, it was just a lot more than I expected."

"I don't know what I really thought it would be, but I loved what I saw."

Leon was surprised, but Nebraska wasn't exactly foreign to him as a prep. His dad is actually a Husker fan and friends with former Husker and another running back, Jarvis Redwine. That relationship kind of set the tone for Jackson's interest in Nebraska, but it was one particular thing that set Nebraska apart from the bevy of teams courting him right now.

"They wanted me as a running back." Leon said. "Everyone else was saying that I could be a great safety or whatever and that's not what I wanted to play. Last year I had 38 touchdowns on offense and only three interceptions on defense. I don't think it's hard to figure out what I should do."

The stats that Leon has put up as a running back, even just this year, well, they are gaudy to say the least. If you can average 8 yards a carry as a running back, you are doing something special. Add 10 more to that and you have Leon's current average on the season.

Yeah, that's almost 18 yards per carry, Jackson tearing up the competition like they aren't competition at all. For Jackson, there's a secret to his success. "Speed, size, I guess those help." He said. "I mean, I am on a great team and everything just makes for a good season so far."

His speed? 4.34 reported handheld forty. His size? 6'3" and 210 lbs. You can put the drool napkin on, because when you are looking at Leon not just as he is now, but down the road in say two or so years, the awesome potential is just that…….awesome.

Jackson is looking down the road, especially at his time as a Cornhusker, but it's not two or even three years he's looking to wait to start adding what he can do to the team. "I want to come out right away and play." Leon said. "If I have to wait, great, but if I am good enough to get out there and make things happen, that's what I want to do."

Jackson styles himself after two prominent running backs or rather I should say, incredible instead. Eric Dickerson and Eddie George, both that Jackson says do a lot of things the way he does them on the field. He's opting for the former though, in trying to describe just how he plays the game. "Dickerson I would say is most like me in style. I just see a lot of his moves as the way I run."

That's tall personal praise, but looking at his numbers, you'd be hard pressed to argue that regardless of his style, it's working to a tee.

Leon can't wait for it to work each week, but is looking at his future for the big red. "When you get that decision out of the way, you can't help but think about the future." He said. "I want to come in, but I obviously think about what could happen. First, I just want to get out there and after that, I'll just see what I can do."

"But, I usually think pretty big."

The recruiting season is officially over for Leon Jackson. He said that he's done and looking to the future. His high school future, his Husker future and possibly even beyond.

The time is now, however, and for Jackson, this is a time that he can now enjoy more than before, because he knows where his future is bound. "It's good to get it out of the way." He said. "Now, it's just about my high school season and getting back to the field."

Nebraska scores another commit, another major commit in a line of great commits that is getting progressively longer. Head coach, Bill Callahan said that he was hoping to have his class at 15 before the end of the month. With 13 already down, the momentum of the Huskers seems to be only building.

Now, the question is, who's next.

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