Will Chris Scott reschedule official to Nebraska?

Chris Scott has taken some unofficials so far this fall that really opened up his eyes. One official, to Nebraska, has had to be cancelled. After seeing some of the best schools that the SEC has to offer, will he still visit Nebraska?

Hot 100 OL, Chris Scott, of Lovejoy, Ga. is knee-deep into his recruiting and the season. The season didn't start out as well as he had hoped, but things have since taken a turn for the better. The much better.

"We're doing good, right now we're 4-2. We lost of our first two and won our last four," Scott said. "We started playing more as a team instead of individuals. We are going for our fifth in a row tomorrow night."

Scott's team success has kind of matched his success on the field. Admittedly, he did not play his best ball at the beginning of the season, but he has since turned it on. "First two games I was kind of shaky and not playing up to my potential. In the last couple of games I have been grading out awesome. I am 87% on the season and my last game was a 92%."

The recruiting and the football can make it hard for the right amount of time to be dedicated to the classroom. Scott isn't letting the books get away from him. He is working really hard in the classroom as well as on the field.

In between practice, games, school and his personal life he fits in his recruiting. The phone for one of the nation's best offensive tackles is ringing all of the time. So much so that weeks blend together and although schools can only call once a week it seems like everyone is calling more than that although they really aren't.

"Yes sir, it rings a lot. You know that they can call only once a week, but it seems like it's everyone once a day. The recruiting process is going really well."

According to Scott all of the teams that he has in mind are calling him once a week. Who are those schools?

"Georgia, Tennessee, LSU, Nebraska, Oklahoma, and some others."

Scott just returned from Georgia this past weekend and an unofficial. Two weeks ago he was at Tennessee for another unofficial. "Knoxville went real good, it went real well."

"Georgia and Tennessee compare because their atmosphere. Both have real good teams. They play real hard. Overall, I really do like them."

Those are the only two unofficials that Scott has taken so far. This Saturday he is off to see Florida. When does he start taking his official visits?

"Yes sir, I just set up one with Georgia last night for 11/27. I have one for LSU set up for 12/17. I am going to Nebraska on 12/10. At the beginning of the season I was thinking that I would go to Nebraska at the end of the season. But, as the season progressed I got to thinking that I may go for a game and move the trip up."

As of right now he is looking at visiting Nebraska possibly for the Missouri game on 10/30. "I might come up for the Missouri game, Halloween weekend."

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