Hedstrom still considering Huskers?

If there was a tackle prospect that Husker fans felt positively about early in the season it had to have been Eric Hedstrom. Nebraska had a lot going for itself in recruiting Eric, but it appeared in some updates and to some people that Nebraska and Eric all of the sudden weren't all that interested in each other anymore. What happened?

It was supposed to be hook, line and sinker when it came to Nebraska and Eric Hedstrom. The standout from Mount Prospect (Ill.) Prospect High School had a hidden connection to Nebraska that made him familiar with new head coach Bill Callahan. Additionally, Callahan was an old offensive line coach and that was interesting.

One thing's for sure and that is that the doubt that many had about Eric didn't stop at Internet site readers. Instead, the Nebraska coaching staff also got the idea that there may have been a little falling out.

In early August Eric and his family took the trip into Lincoln to see Nebraska on an unofficial. From Eric's account, all things went perfectly on his trip. He didn't commit, but there was a lot of positives straight from Eric that would make one think that Nebraska was a leader. However, a lot of updates following Eric's visit may have indicated that Nebraska may have fallen out of favor with Eric.

"No, that is not at all true. The coaches from Nebraska came and asked our line coach, because they know him, about that if they had fallen out of favor. And the answer is absolutely not. Nebraska is an outstanding institution, first-rate all the way and it's like football heaven. How could anyone even think that Nebraska would fall down? No way."

As for the season it seems that the team is improving, but their learning is still in-progress and they have fallen a couple of times this season. "Well, we got two losses. On both of them we shot ourselves in the foot," Rich Hedstrom said, Eric's father. "It's one of those types of seasons that it is good and its bad. It's bad when you beat yourself and we're not happy with that."

It seems that there may be a lack of personnel, similar to that at Nebraska, to run the type of offense, or at least to be efficient, as they have before in the past. "In the past we have always had a speedy running back. We'd run the spread and have that one running back. Also, we have one great wide receiver this year and we are used to having two. He is getting double-teamed."

As for Eric, his father says that he is improving with every game. "Every game, he is getting better, better and better. He started out a little slow and I think that is what you want and then the improvement on each game. That's what we're real happy with. He's also our long-snapper and he's doing a very, very good job with that."

Recruiting has been hectic with Eric and getting an official in on a Sunday has been the only official that Eric has taken so far. "We've only taken one official and that was to Purdue because they had a Sunday game. When they opened they played Syracuse. We went down to Illinois the weekend that they played Purdue and that was an unofficial. Those are the only places that we have gone."

"We're kind of looking at officials right now. I know that we definitely would like to take one to Nebraska, we're looking to take one to Northwestern then there is the one that we took to Purdue. Then the other two are kind of up in the air."

One school that may or may not find themselves getting an official is Illinois. Some new speculation about a possible head coaching change there have the Hedstrom's watching closely as to the current coach's fate.

"One possibility that has just come up for the last official, and we do have a tie with this at Prospect, is Tennessee. One of our old quarterbacks went down there and played. We have an offer from Tennessee."

Eric is currently standing at 13 offers, total. He has one from Tennessee, Nebraska, Northwestern, Purdue, Arkansas, Illinois, Northern Illinois, Western Michigan, Toledo, Bowling Green, Boston College and UCLA. "We are also getting a lot of information from Navy. They started at the very beginning of the season last spring, vanished and then all of the sudden they are contacting us again."

As for the official to Nebraska the weekend that the Hedstrom's are planning on visiting is really undecided. It was clear to Rich Hedstrom that Nebraska would like them to come in during the season. "Time is really difficult for us. But, I guess it always is when you are in season. In a few weeks we may take an official to Northwestern because they are just down the block. We would go after practice Saturday and then come back Sunday night."

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