BRR MVPs of the week

When your team lost 70-10, you are figuring there are no MVPs. Well, none that made the difference in the games ultimate outcome, but there were significant players nonetheless. And, such is our duty as we hurt with the losses, but even in a loss like this, something good does arise. And some of that are our BRR MVPs.

WR - Mark LeFlore - Junior









Before everything went to hell in a hand-basket, there was for a brief time a spark. It was a spark brought to Mark LeFlore.jpg - 36402 Bytes you by the one-armed exploit of wide receiver, Mark LeFlore. Of his over 100 yards receiving, 70+ of that came on this play, but what the value of that play was, was just what Nebraska needed at the time.

It's been a long-time coming, not the least of which for LeFlore himself, hampered with a bad toe almost the entire off-season and most of this year up to now. Only in this last week did LeFlore regain his starting spot, taking over for Terrence Nunn and Mark proceeded to do just what he had done all those long months ago.

While not the burner, LeFlore showed his ability to run routes effectively, create some space between he and his defender, but when that didn't happen, he could still make the catch in the end.

We've seen those catches before from LeFlore, minds wandering to months ago when it was LeFlore diving in the end zone to make a touchdown grab.

It would appear that, that receiver is back and will be a nice weapon to add the ones Nebraska currently has. What LeFlore did ultimately didn't help, but at the time, his touchdown grab was significant, because if just for a moment, it turned momentum back to NU's side.

LB - Barrett Ruud - Senior

Tackles Solo Asst. Carer Tackles





Barrett Ruud led the team in tackles. Yeah, I know, ho-hum, he almost always does. What one of those tackles did though was put him over the top making him the all-time leader in tackles for the University of Nebraska.

In a game where the defense was reeling and tackling was at a premium only because so many players simply weren't doing it, Ruud went quietly along, solid as usual, energetic and fiery even in defeat.

Ruud.jpg - 63425 BytesRuud now has 348 tackles, supplanting Jerry Murtaugh who held the record with 342. Cosgrove said of Ruud and what he's meant to the team as something akin to the irreplacable man. "Barrett is unbelievable." He said. "He's one of our leaders and you always encourage him to be stronger than he is. He played well last night, he had a bunch of tackles and I know I am proud of him."

At Ruud's current rate of tackles, he'll eclipse the 400-mark before season's end. Should Ruud get more than 402 total tackles for his career, he will make the NCAA top 15 all-time in that category, the 15th spot being held currently by Steve Sheeler of Stonehill University.

Ruud's legacy alone is enough to warrant a career MVP, but in a game where everything seemed to go wrong, there was one player that was usually right where they needed to be. That's Barrett Ruud.  

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