Texas Tech - Commits React

After a loss like the kind Nebraska suffered at the hands of the Red Raiders, a fan worries about many things. One of those might be about the current recruiting commitments feelings on what took place. Thankfully, for Nebraska, the current commits insist what happened will not be the norm.

What can really be said about a 70-10 loss?  Naturally, there appears to be a lot of room for improvement.  ".  I guess now they know that they need to do a lot of work" said TE David Harvey.  "I think last night they struggled and couldn't get what they wanted to get going.  They just couldn't score like they wanted to."  Harvey feels that even though Nebraska's talent level is sufficient, he can still come in next year and make an impact.  "They have some really good players there now but I feel I can do what anyone else can do."


Ozen High School's Calvin Mickens also sees the loss in Lubbock as a chance for him to change the Cornhuskers' fortunes.  "Maybe I can be the guy to come in and make a difference" he said.  His teammate, WR Wallace Franklin looks at the game as an aberration.  "Everyone loses games. They've just got to learn from their mistakes."  When asked about if the loss had any impact on his decision to attend school at the University of Nebraska next year, Wallace chuckled.  "I'm very excited about coming to Lincoln".


Oklahomans Craig Roark and Phillip Dillard remained positive and upbeat despite the loss.  "They just had a bad game and made a lot of mistakes but it's nothing that can't be corrected. They may lose this games, but they can win the rest of the season.  They can even beat OU as long as they don't turn the ball over.  With the new West Coast Offense, teams will have trouble defending what they do," said Dillard.  Roark believes the proof will be in the pudding as Nebraska's new staff goes to work this week to prepare for Baylor.  "We'll find out next week as we see how they react.  You can't judge a team on one game. I think everyone just needs to wait and see how they respond.  Nebraska's got a good coaching staff and we just need to see what they can do."


The positive attitude is also prevalent with Glendale, Arizona's Nick Covey who believes that despite the lopsided loss, Nebraska can still make strides.  "I think any team can improve on anything and I'm still definitely positive. If they lost, hey, it happens.  I still feel the same about going to the school and coming in.  It's the first year of a brand new West Coast Offense and they're doing the best they can."


Nebraska oral commitments Jacob Hickman and Leon Jackson remain firm in their commitments to the school. When asked if his commitment to Nebraska was as strong after the Texas Tech game as it was before it, Jackson responded, "Absolutely."  Hickman believes that the ‘Huskers just need to continue to practice and get better.  "It's something you don't like to see.  They're just going to have to keep working at it over time."  Hickman also feels very strongly about his commitment to the University of Nebraska.  "I gave them my word and I'm going to stick to that."


Even though the loss is a bitter pill to swallow, Nebraska's commitments remain optimistic about the future that they will help create.

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