Who Stands At #1 For Suh?

In the battle for Ndamukong Suh, one of Nebraska's chief competitors is Mississippi State. Having just returned from Starkville, Ndamukong talks about his visit and how the Bulldogs stack up to the Cornhuskers. Is Nebraska still in the lead for Suh?

Grant High School's Ndamukong Suh just returned from a visit at Mississippi State and had some interesting comments about the Bulldogs from Starkville.  "I came back this past week and surprisingly, it was pretty much just like Nebraska. " said Suh. It's going be quite a difficult decision between them."


When asked about how he felt when comparing the MSU program to that of the University of Nebraska, Ndamukong felt that a good number of the similarities lie in the coaching staffs.  "They're very outgoing and I liked the way they coach each other along with the way they coach their players."


Another thing that impressed the highly-rated defensive line prospect was the feeling of family at both Nebraska and Mississippi State.  "A lot of people say they have family but it's really not" he remarked.


Both Nebraska and Mississippi State offer something unique, though, in terms of atmosphere according to Suh.  "Nebraska has the most crowd atmosphere as well as team atmosphere. I could say Mississippi State has the same level of family atmosphere but not as much of a crowd."


When asked about who leads for his services, three programs appear to have the edge at this point.  "Tied for first would be Mississippi State and Nebraska with Oregon State second."


The topic of the Texas Tech loss was an issue that Ndamukong felt wasn't a matter of the game itself, but rather how Nebraska responds to the defeat.  "It was a little disappointing, but they're growing, so you can't be too mad.  They just don't have all the talent they want and they need some depth on the defensive line.  Plus, they've got a young quarterback."


Suh feels that the potential is there for him to come into a program and become an impact player from day one, as well.  "I feel that I'm a player that can go to a program and help them out.  I feel I can add some stability."


Suh's Grant team is currently experiencing solid league play after a disappointing start to the year.  "We're 3-0 in our league play and 3-2 overall.  The first loss we had was 7-6 and our last loss was kind of a blowout."


His unofficial stats on the year are about five sacks and approximately 10-12 tackles in the five contests played. 


John Blake is currently recruiting Ndamukong and tells him that there is a world of possibility for him at Nebraska.  "I have to call him back tonight because I missed him.  He's a very outgoing man and a very fun person to be around.  I knew I had an opportunity as a freshman but I didn't know it was so wide open.  It's the same way at MSU."


The bottom line is that Suh feels he can not only offer a university a solid football player, but a quality student to be proud of.  "I feel that I'm a top notch student athlete and, on the football side, I feel that I think I can shut down the run and be a player that can be on the field from the first down to the last."  

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