Husker commit to be in stands on Saturday

This was supposed to be the year. You could say that he was overlooked to some degree. All-state and all-conference honors at two different positions and both different than what he is projected to play in college. His camp performances at Nike put him on the map and at Lincoln landed him an offer and a chance to play for The Big Red.

Call it a road-bump, but for Nick Covey he knows that it wasn't the end of the world. Although he tried to play in the first game after an ankle injury in a scrimmage he only further hurt the ankle. But in the grand scheme of life, he is staying strong.

"It's (ankle injury) getting there," Covey said. "This week I started running on it. I have about two weeks left of trying to strengthen it. I partially tore two ligaments in my ankle. It didn't require surgery."

Covey kind of burst onto the scene this summer. He was named an all-state punter and an all-conference tight end, but his probable position in college is at linebacker. He shined this summer in his camp performances and his combination of size and speed drew a Husker offer following his camp performance in Lincoln.

In the scrimmage before the season Covey hurt his ankle. He tried to play in the first game and may have done more harm than good because ever since he has been sidelined with the injury. "I played our first game and probably shouldn't have. Not very good luck. Hopefully I can get back in a couple of weeks."

Glendale (Ariz.) Mountain Ridge isn't having the success that they have become used to in the past two years of Nick's involvement with the team. The chances are still high that they will make the playoffs, but they won't be riding that undefeated momentum going in.

"We're struggling a little bit. We're 2-4. We're usually undefeated right now. In my freshman year I went 9-0, my sophomore year I went 10-0, and last year we went 10-0 all in the regular season. We're usually blowing people out all year."

The hopes are still high as the league or region games just started last week. Every region is guaranteed a spot in the playoffs. So to make it into the playoffs, Mountain Ridge would need to go 4-0 over the next four games which seems very possible.

"Our region is horrible. We won last week and this week we will win and the next week the team is about as good as a J.V. team. I could come back for that game, but we are going to put it off and go one more week of rehab to get ready."

This coming weekend Covey is finding a break in the season and the rehab to take in his official to Nebraska. This will be the first time that his mother has been to Nebraska and is a very important trip in that regard.

"We are taking off on Friday and will be in that Friday night. It's not so much for me. My mom wants to see the campus mostly. I'm just going there because I want to see a game because obviously if I go there next year I won't be able to see a game like that. There's nothing that I need to see. I think that I have seen everything. My mom wants to see all of the facilities and everything."

This past weekend, Covey tuned in on Saturday night to see the worst Husker defeat in history. That can either be a positive or a negative on a recruit. How did he react?

"Yeah, that did pop in my head about being able to play early next year. Of course I was disappointed and I didn't want to see them lose. I got a lot of crap at school about it. I just said that it happens. It didn't affect me too much. It's not like I am going to change my mind because of one game. They are still in the hunt for the Big 12 Championship."

Covey also may be a little more aware of Richie Incognito being dismissed by the team this fall. Nick and Richie's fathers know one another and Richie was introduced to Nick. Did he at all reconsider his commitment knowing that Richie was no longer at Nebraska?

"It didn't mean much to me. It really had nothing to do with me and my commitment to Nebraska. That's his own thing. We never were really friends. The coaches know more about than we do and if they don't want to put up with it then they shouldn't have to put up with it. It really had no affect on me."

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