Wednesday Practice Report

The practices continue for Nebraska as they return for the second day of practice following the 70-10 nightmare down in Lubbock. While you'd assume that there would be more or less emphasis in certain areas, Callahan said after practice today that it was business as usual for the team.

Describing today's practice as "ok", head coach, Bill Callahan recapped Wednesday's practice leading up to the home game against Baylor. "It wasn't perfect, but we're getting better." He said. "It was a good day."

The emphasis today even despite the dramatic loss to Texas Tech is as Callahan stated the same as it is any other day. Each day is constructed so that certain areas are worked on, on certain days and today was no different. "Today it's goal line, red zone and third down." He said. "We don't change those. They stay the same week in and week out."

The schedule didn't change and another thing that won't change for the up-coming game is the QB situation or how the staff is approaching it. Callahan talked about Joe Dailey and the possibility of other quarterbacks entering into the game. "I'll play my starter." He said. "And, I am going to make decisions as it goes and I will do what's best for the team."

Dailey's progression as it usually is, is being eyed very closely, perhaps even more closely than ever. With wind gusts approaching thirty miles per hour, that progression came harder today, but with satisfactory results. "He threw the ball well today." Callahan said. "In adverse conditions, he had an ok day today."


Since his dramatic debut as a wide receiver for Nebraska where he caught 2 balls for 2 touchdowns and a third that was called back, Amos has literally been invisible since.

Callahan said that since the Pittsburgh game and Willie getting injured, his status has been indefinite, but he's apparently ready to come back. "He's starting to get about a hundred percent." He said. "We're trying to get him the ball a little more on Saturday night and try to get him a little more time."

Amos was apparently "nicked" during the Pittsburgh game and has been limited since.


During the Tuesday press conference, Callahan talked about the kicking situation that would appear to be currently up in the air. Starting kicker, Sandro DeAngelis missed another field goal against Texas Tech, dropping his total to 2 out of 5 attempts this year. David Dyches came in and kicked a 40+ yard field goal, thus the current situation.

Callahan said though, that due to the conditions today, the certainty of the situation and who will be the starter isn't as of yet determined. "It was a little difficult today to get a real measurement of who did better." He said. "But, we'll continue to evaluate that as we move along and we'll know more and we'll try to let those guys know before we make a decision on that."


Following the announcement by defensive coordinator, Kevin Cosgrove that linebacker, Michael Keenan was currently dealing with personal issues and not currently practicing with the team, speculation about Keenan's status has gone from personal issues to that of one being disgruntled over having his redshirt pulled to play special teams and then, not making the travel roster to Texas Tech.

Callahan said that the rumors of Keenan being gone from the program already aren't accurate, but hopes to have a clearer picture of the entire situation soon. "I expect to talk to him in a day or two." He said. "I am hopeful that he can resolve whatever personal problems he has."

Callahan stated that Keenan is still on campus and taking classes at NU.

Nebraska resumes practice tomorrow, will conduct their walk-thru on Friday and finish preparations for their home-match against Baylor. The game is scheduled to kick off at 1:00 p.m. and Nebraska is currently a 23 point favorite.

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