40+ offer Rush End eager about official to NU

You'd think it wouldn't be easy to go unnoticed with 40 offers. Well, of course you are right, but even someone with that many can go for a time, just that. Barry Turner isn't concerned with that as he's anything but nowadays, his every decision now watched coast to coast. His most recent decision was on his first official visit that he'll be taking this weekend. One has to wonder just what Turner expects and what might happen at NU. He told us as he gets ready for his trek to see the Huskers.

There's one official visit scheduled for rush end, Barry Turner. One official visit and he honestly has no idea as to who the others will be.

He's not worried right now, however, as that visit to the University of Nebraska looms on the horizon. "I'm excited to see everything." Turner said. "It's like with all the schools, you hear a lot, you talk to coaches and people, but everything really comes to focus when you get a chance to see it for yourself."

Accompanied by his mom, Barry will arrive in Lincoln on Saturday morning, departing sometime Monday.

As for what he expects on that visit, he's got some ideas, but tries to keep most to himself if he can. "Well, I'm expecting what anyone would expect there from what you hear about the place." He said. "Crazy fans, a lot of red and that tunnelwalk is supposed to be the craziest thing out there."

"I really try not to have too many expectations though, because you don't want to get your hopes up too high before visiting a place."

Turner like any recruit look at any visit as that one visit that could be the only one for him. While Barry said that under any circumstance he would still like to take all of his visits, he's hoping he sees in one of them that one thing they all hope to see. "You want that perfect visit." He said. "It's like that feeling you have when you feel like you want to feel, you see everything you want to see and everyone and the whole experience just tells you that is the place to be."

"I want that just like anyone else would, but I don't have any idea of course if that will happen or not."

Turner obviously look at the Huskers as a team that he probably wouldn't mind being that one perfect trip. As the Huskers stand as his only official thus far, the affection for the program has to exist. "Oh yeah, I like them a lot." Barry said. "The tradition, the chance to play early, the academics, the coaches, it's all been real nice and impressive."

"I don't know that it will be better than anything else I see though, but that's why you take the visits. You have to see it for yourself."

Turner will do that this week as he is one of some 5 to 7 expected official visitors, some of which are already Huskers to be. Now, any Husker fan will want to know just what are the chances that Turner will join that list. If Barry knows, he's not saying just yet. "I can't put anyone on top right now." He said. "I'm visiting Nebraska, so obviously I like them a lot, but I haven't even been there yet, so who knows what I will feel or see."

"It's too early for any of that right now. I just want to see how everything goes."

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