Jaw-dropping numbers for La Fell

There's not much that you wouldn't consider ideal about wide receiver, Brandon La Fell. Size, speed, strength and an ability to score sometimes at will. He's got some quality help on his team in terms of other standout players, but as you'll hear, La Fell does a whole lot on his own. That's why his name is just one of many that are rising about midway through the season.

Brandon La Fell was already a player. Coming into this year Brandon had about 40 grabs for over 500 yards, scoring 9 times.

Where he was last year, however, compared to this year, well, if he was a player then, he's a big-time player now.

Check out these stats that La Fell has only 6 games into the year:

15 catches – over 500 yards – 8 touchdowns receiving – 2 touchdowns off interceptions – 1 touchdown on a punt return.

Throw is one more than will probably make you take a second look, not believing what you are seeing.

Average Yards after the catch: 28.9 yards

Seen enough? The drool napkin almost full? Yeah, mine to, but as much as that last statistic indicates just what kind of physical talent this 6'1" – 180 lbs. Wideout has, Brandon would be the first one to tell you that he's not doing it alone.

He's got a little help on the other side. "You can't double-team me too much, because if you do Quincy will get his just like I'm getting mine." La Fell said of his teammate who is also a division 1-A recruit. "He'll get you, I'll get you we got other guys that are starting to get in the mix."

The "mix" as Brandon said is what has this team 4-0 since they started off the season 0-2. Undefeated in districts, La Fell said of his offense that they are figuring it out just at the right time. "We're clicking right now." He said. "We are getting used to what everyone else does, how they do it and we are gelling right now."

Since the team is doing so well, distractions are something that Brandon is trying to avoid. Not that recruiting is a distraction, but as La Fell said, he's looking, but trying not too hard to look. "I like a lot of teams, but I don't want that to take away from our season." He said. "With things going so well, I don't really want anything to mess the rhythm up."

The rhythm in recruiting has been almost as smooth as La Fell himself, Brandon boasting double-digit offers. With schools like Missouri, Texas A&M, Nebraska, Kansas, Arizona and Utah having all offered, La Fell has his pick of some of his favorite schools. Plus, you can add recent interest from the University of Miami along with those teams, the ‘Canes not having offered as of yet, but La Fell confident that, that will eventually come.

The thing is, while the season is going, La Fell still wants to look at taking visits, his first probably to Nebraska, tentatively set thus far for October 30th and Missouri for November, also a tentatively scheduled visit thus far.

As to a leader, La Fell stated that he has none right now, but said that teams like Nebraska, Arizona, Missouri, Miami and A&M are as he said "up there" right now.

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