Visit solidifies commits for Franklin and Mickens

Nebraska is getting some of the nation's best recruits in for official visits this season. This weekend may be one of their largest even though the majority of the recruits were already committed.

Wallace Franklin and Calvin Mickens are two of this year's commits that were in Lincoln for the first time this past weekend. The weekend in Lincoln started on Friday night for the both of them, but all of Saturday's events really put the icing on the cake and solidified their commitments.

"It went great. Real well. We got in on Friday night to Omaha and then drove into Lincoln," Franklin said. "We saw the stadium, but we stayed at the hotel the whole night."

"We went to the stadium on Saturday morning and then went over to the hotel where all of the football players were. We rode the bus with them over to the stadium."

One of the biggest changes this past season for recruiting has been the introduction of the walk. The walk brings all of the fans, recruits, coaches and players close together right before they enter the stadium.

"We went and did the walk up to the stadium and all of the fans were there cheering. I liked that real well. I loved the tunnel walk too. That was one of the best things I did."

For Franklin, who is being recruited as a receiver, the game showed that Nebraska is dedicated to the passing game. Joe Dailey threw for over 300 yards and five touchdowns.

"They threw the ball a lot. I liked it a lot. I can see myself in that offense."

Wallace and Mickens were together all weekend, but they had a chance to meet Barry Turner, Chris Scott, Marlon Lucky and Nick Covey who were all in this weekend.

Franklin had never seen Nebraska before and after seeing it and a game did he make the right decision. "Ah yeah."

Mickens first words about the game and the experience in Lincoln was, "I loved it."

"The fans and the atmosphere caught my eye the most. The fans love football. Football is everything. They love the players."

On the walk people recognized Mickens and Franklin. It was stunning for Mickens that people knew who he was so he decided to ask how they knew about him.

"I signed some autographs. I was wondering how they knew my name. I was kind of confused. I wanted to know how they knew me."

Mickens is sold on Nebraska as much as Franklin is which is great news for Husker fans. Franklin has been playing defense this season primarily and is leading his district in interceptions.

This season Franklin's stats are 7 receptions for 123 yards and three touchdowns, one rush for 19 yards and another touchdown and on defense he has 5INT's one of which returned for 86 yard touchdown.

Mickens has 4 receptions for 118 yards and one touchdown and on defense he has two interceptions, one of which returned for a 74 yard touchdown.

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