Alonzo Horton says, "It was an eleven."

He had some ideas of what to expect, but he didn't fully comprehend. There was some belief as to what he would see, but disbelief in the reality of his experience. You could call Alonzo Horton's visit to Nebraska many things, but one thing is most definitely was for him was certainly not what he expected. And, for Husker fans, that turned out to be a good thing.

"I was surprised by a lot of stuff." Alonzo said that after returning from his official visit to Lincoln, Nebraska this weekend. "You just get this idea of what you think you might see and then what you actually see when you are there."

One of those things was what almost everyone expects, the stereotype of Nebraska ringing strong and true, even down in Louisiana. "I thought there was going to be just a bunch of cornfields." He said. "Actually, I don't think I saw one when I was there."

The surprises didn't stop there, but not one based on a stereotype, rather a tradition, one that Alonzo got to experience firsthand. "The fans were unbelievable." Alonzo said. "That tunnelwalk thing they do, the crowd going nuts, I can't think that I will ever forget what happened that night."

"I haven't seen anything like it before. It was just amazing."

Horton, a linebacker at Abramson, Marion, Senior High School is being recruited by Nebraska as a rush end. Horton's 100+ tackles, 4 pass deflections, 4 sacks and one blocked punt as a linebacker might make you wonder just what the NU staff is thinking, but Alonzo knows and he also feels it's a position that he will adjust to quite well. "I'm just 220 right now, but I'm strong." Horton said. "Those tackles think that once they get their hands on me it's over, but just when they think that, I blow them over and get into the backfield."

"I like to think though, that my intelligence is my biggest asset back there, because I can read what's happening at the line."

His versatility has led to over 20 offers in writing coming from teams like Tennessee, Florida, Michigan State and Auburn, just to name a few. Nebraska was his first official visit, Horton stating that he's scheduled visits to Michigan State in November and Tennessee for the second week of December and as to the other two, they aren't yet set in stone.

Back to his visit to Nebraska, though, there's one that that is certainly set in stone and that's how he rated his first experience at NU. "It was an eleven." Horton said about his visit and how it compares on a scale of 1 to 10. "Coach Blake was an amazing man, the entire staff has NFL ties and they have a great academic program, which is important to me, because I want to major in criminal justice."

"The whole experience is better than I thought it would be, so I know this is a team that will definitely be with me throughout the whole recruiting process."

That process will go up until around January, according to Horton as that is when he thinks he'll have everything figured out by then. As to how he puts his first official visit into perspective, it was fairly simple for him. "It was what I wanted and more." He said. "I see myself fitting there, I have a chance to play right away and it fits what I am looking at for the future."

"Really, there's nothing not to like about them, so I'll be using them as kind of a comparison to the schools I visit from now on."

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