Everything comes back positive from Covey's

One of the committed players that was in town this weekend for Nebraska was Nick Covey. Nick is a fantastic athlete that is slated to play linebacker, although it sounds like Coach Downing and the offensive coaches might be fighting a little to see him on offense.

There wasn't any convincing needed to make sure that Nick Covey was going to sign with Nebraska this spring. Think that Covey isn't solid for Nebraska? Well, his parents have already booked the hotel rooms for five games next fall. Sounds solid to me.

If there were any questions about the visit that needed to be answered they probably came from Nick's mom. His mother did not have a chance to see Nebraska before Nick committed to be a future Cornhusker.

"Me and my wife and Nick went to Nebraska," Mr. Covey said. "She thoroughly enjoyed it. We didn't get a chance to take her over to the practice facilities and other things. The coaches had us pretty darn busy."

"You're set up to meet with coaches in individual meetings with all of the coaches. Their time is precious and they make time to do things and you are on a schedule. We had a meeting today with Coach Callahan for about 45 minutes to an hour. It was one on one in his office. It was awesome."

"What a great staff. They are chomping at the bit and they are full of energy. I think that it is a great situation for Nick to be going into and he had a great time while he was back there."

Nick has been to Nebraska for camp the past two summers, so the facilities and the campus aren't unfamiliar to him. The chance that Nick really wanted on his official was to watch a game from the stands.

"When we got there, they took us to the team motel. We went into one of the rooms that they have. The players are in a meeting and he had the opportunity to be there with the players. Just being there with the players the night before the game he just kept saying 'I can't believe I'm here.'"

"The following morning he went over to the team hotel and he got to ride over on the bus to the stadium. When he got off of the bus there's a while bunch of fans there and lots of people recognized him. He just couldn't believe that people knew who he was. People were waving to him. He really liked that."

"Before the game all of us were in awe in how the team comes out. I've been to professional games that I don't even see that at. With the jets flying over, the fireworks, the tunnel walk and the music playing it was just amazing. The only thing that could be better would be to see my son go through that tunnel coming out."

"And then the game and the atmosphere. The one thing that we were looking for was after they got beat up pretty good the week before and there was 77,000 people there. The support that the team has and the fan base. It's just phenomenal. We're from here in Arizona and you go to an Arizona State of U of A game and I've never seen anything like this."

For all of the recruits they had the perfect setting to watch a game at Nebraska in October. The game was a win, a strong offensive display of firepower and the weather was perfect even with kids in from typically warmer climates.

"It was a little cold Nick said from just sitting there and just doing nothing. He said 'this is football weather dad, this is great!'"

The Covey's may have been blown away with the visit by the sound of it, but they did not let the emotion get the best of them. As parents, they are concerned with everything from academics, to the town to the campus. After looking at all of the details Mr. Covey gave his report back to Head Coach, Bill Callahan.

"Like I told Coach Callahan if a person was to try and find a flaw in anything that you guys do on these official visits, they can't. Everything is first-class. Everybody that you are associated with is top-notch people. From the guy that sets everything up to the family that met us up there."

"His host was Mark Brungardt and he came up to the hotel and picked him. They cruised around and met a lot of the team. It was a very positive experience for him. All of the kids knew who he was. He had a great time that night. One of the guys called, and after he got home and turned his phone on, wanted to go out if he was still in town. The kids on the team were great with him."

"After the game they let us go onto the field. Then we went into the locker room. I felt kind of uncomfortable myself because there's no reason why I should be in there. The kids went through there and they were all slapping them high fives like they were part of the team and stuff. It was a very special time."

Mr. and Mrs. Covey got to spend some time with family of Marlon Lucky on the visit. Realistically though they were able to meet all of the other recruits that were in on visits that weekend.

"We interacted with every one of them. Alonzo Horton, that kid is awesome. He is so nice, kind and generous. Calvin Mickens and Wallace Franklin, the kids are down to earth. They are all about business. It's amazing how well that these kids are carrying themselves."

Nick hasn't played a lot this season. In fact, an injury that he suffered in the scrimmage before the first game and the re-injuring or more severely injuring the ankle, have kept him off the field all of the season since. However, Nick is planning on maybe giving it a go this coming Friday night.

"He's going to try this week. The coaching staff said 'you're Nebraska now so tear 'em up like we know you can.'"

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