Nebraska gets pleasant unofficial from top OL

And then there were five for one of the nation's best tackles. He has made the rounds when it comes to unofficials and now he has the officials at least chosen to a lucky list of school's that could get the services of one of the nation's best.

It wasn't but two weeks ago when Big Red Report last brought you an update on Chris Scott. In that update there were talks about upcoming officials, but nothing about an unofficial to Lincoln this past weekend.

"We got back late last night. I enjoyed myself, I really did," Scott said. "Yes it was a last minute thing. I think that I had it put together late Thursday night."

He didn't come to Lincoln alone either. Traveling on their own dime, Chris brought with him his grandmother, grandfather and his mother.

"When I got in it was late Friday night so we just went to the hotel. On Saturday morning we spoke to Bryan Heard. He picked us up and we traveled around the campus a little bit."

"When we got to the athletic complex we got to talk to the coaches a little bit. I met with Coach Wagner, Coach Blake and Coach Jordan and got to talk with them for a little while. After that we actually went down for the start of the game."

Scott was offered the chance to take the bus ride over from the players' hotel and take "the walk" to the stadium. He was also offered a chance to do the tunnel walk, but declined. "I didn't do it because I was up there talking to the coaches."

"We watched the game and after the game I got a chance to talk with Coach Callahan for about 15 minutes. After that we went home."

If there was some things about Lincoln that stood out to Scott it may be the coaching staff for starters. "Those guys are real fun guys. When they always see you they give you a handshake and a big hug. Those guys are just like family. They are down to earth."

"Really how everybody, even the coaches' wives, were so friendly. They were open arms to you. The coaches' wives would come over and welcome us to Nebraska. They all hoped that we enjoy our visit and stuff like that. Real family-like."

Scott did admit that he wasn't sure what he would see when he got to Lincoln. He was happy to see what it actually had to offer once he got there though. "I was really impressed. You have these misconceptions that there are going to be just a bunch of cornfields. The city of Lincoln is real impressive. It's a real tight town. Everything is right where you need it to be. The campus is right there."

To this point Scott has been to LSU, Georgia, Tennessee, Florida and now Nebraska. Not coincidentally those five schools will also be getting official visits from Scott. Is that his top five?

"Up to this point it's been all unofficial visits to those schools. All of the teams have their similarities and differences. All I am doing right now is weighing it out. I couldn't say that one school was better than another because of their fans. All of their fans are crazy around all of the schools. The game day environment are just wonderful around all of the schools. I really couldn't set them apart right now."

Scott has some officials set up and others are just planned. "Right now I have set up Georgia on October 26, Nebraska on December 10, LSU on December 3, and I am still trying to set up the official to Tennessee on November 5 when they play Notre Dame. Florida is going to probably have to be January 21."

"Those are the final five that I am looking at. There aren't any leaders. Everyone stands out right now. I have taken unofficials to all of them and I will take officials to all of them next time."

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