Another official, another "Eleven"

He might have thought a few things would happen, but even a young man with 40+ written offers can be surprised. Even a young man that is being coveted and wooed by about every major team out there, even he can be taken aback. That's what happened for Barry Turner as one of the best, but more unsung defensive ends in the country took his official visit to Nebraska and many were the times he thought to himself ‘I wasn't expecting that'.

Before the game, not more than minutes before the contest ensued, coaches are preparing, motivating, instructing and hugging before kickoff arrives.


Yes, hugging, but not their players, rather no less than one of the players they hoped would be one of them some day.

Barry Turner.

A 6'3", 250 lbs. Rush end who's popularity has literally skyrocketed. Not more than a few months ago, his coach was stating how whoever they sent film to they had offered and that point, say around 20 offers, they stopped sending them at all.

The offers kept coming though, 20 turning into 30, 30 to 40 and Turner's season is just over halfway through. It would seem that his popularity will still only continue to climb.

That wasn't on Turners mind, however, as he visited Lincoln this last weekend. It was about him, yes, but what he was concerned about most wasn't what was in it for him, but what he would end up thinking after personally visiting the Huskers. His first experience to see the Big Red play, Turner brought one particular thing back with him to Tennessee as his most prevalent expression throughout his 2 days there."

"Wow." Turner said. "It was amazing. I mean, it was completely awesome, the entire thing. I expected a lot, but there wasn't one thing that didn't go above what I thought it would be like."

"The crowd, the coaches, the players, I was just completely impressed with everything I saw. If someone asked me between one and ten what it was like, it was definitely an eleven."

Commenting about specific moments during his visit, Turner probably figured he'd get tired feet from walking and standing so much. He probably assumed as well that he might get a little of those sleepy eyes, just trying to take everything in during Saturday, which turned to be to be a very long day.

What Turner wasn't anticipating though for the game was the real possibility of getting writing-cramp throughout his entire game-day experience. "I must have signed like 200 autographs." Turner said. "I don't know how they knew me, but it was like they all knew who every one of us was. I'm still just amazed by it, because it was like being a celebrity someplace I didn't even know they knew who we were."

Turner was talking of course not just of himself, but his co-visitors, players like Marlon Lucky, Calvin Mickens, Wallace Franklin, Chris Scott, Nick Covey and Alonzo Horton. For him and them, it seemed like before they had a chance to introduce themselves, others were already saying their name.

"It's humbling a little." Barry said. "That crowd was just amazing from start to finish, the tunnelwalk and all that, but for so many fans to know who you are when this is the first time you have ever been here, I didn't know what to say to that. It was just amazing."

This was actually Turner's first official visit. Well, it's also the only one he has currently scheduled. And, to be honest, Turner didn't know who he was scheduling next or when.

He did say, however, that of whereve those visits take place, Nebraska set the standard to beat. "They can't just match what Nebraska did or showed." He said. "They have to beat it. They have to top what I saw over the weekend. I don't know. I'm still just amazed at what I saw. I can't say nobody will beat it, but right now, well, Nebraska did just a very good job."

"I was totally impressed."

Barry did choose to remain as objective as he could as he reeled himself in a bit, talked about the facts, the possibilities and the issue that recruiting isn't done until it's done and that any team could still blow him away.

Turner did say though, that his decision will not be dictated by what he schedule says, but what his heart and head tell him to do. "I have to go with my heart and what I feel about a place deep inside." He said. "That's the next four or five years of my life, so I have to be absolutely sure in my head and in my gut."

"I can't say when I will commit or that I will take all of my visits. All I can say is that when I know, I'll know and after that, everyone else will to."

"I can't say Nebraska is a leader, because I know what happens everytime I say any one team is a leader. I do know though that what they did is what everyone else has to beat."

"That's going to be hard, but I'm not saying it's impossible. But, it's what they are going to have to do."

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