"We're trying to stick it to everybody."

Joe Dailey broke a record that stood for over 30 years. He also broke that magical barrier for passers that has never been achieved at NU in over 114. Guess what that means going down to Kansas State. That's right, nothing and that's just how everyone wants it to be.

After stomping the heck out of the 114 year mark of no NU QB ever throwing for 300 yards or more, you'd think that this Nebraska offense would be riding high, ready to build off what could be a turning point for NU.

At the very least, you'd think for Dailey himself, this would be just what he needed to build upon and get him going as the toughest part of the schedule starts for Nebraska.

Well, typical to his nature and maturity, Dailey has decided to use that game, stating that it could be a turning point for the team, but only if they want to make it one. "We've got a chance to establish a rhythm." He said. "Now, we just have to continue to do that when we get in the game."

A game that will be on the road, the Huskers still smarting from their last road game which turned into the most humiliating loss in Husker history. Dailey looks back at that game against Tech and the huge success against Baylor as a reinforcement of one simple belief in how games can go. "It can get ugly fast for either side of the ball for either team." He said. "If offensively, we don't get on top, then the defense is going to struggle a little bit. If the defense doesn't get on top, we may struggle a bit, so it goes hand in hand and it get can ugly really fast."

That rhythm Dailey spoke of, it's encouraging that it's occurred at various points of the year, but not so encouraging was when it was at its best, it was against the worst teams in the schedule. You can cite the two occassions where the passing game was really effective being the first half against Division 1-AA Western Illinois and this most recent game against Baylor who ranks amongst the nation's worst in total defense.

The statistics aside, Dailey's still happy to have that rhythm going into this weekend. "Coach says all the time that you have to start stacking these things." Dailey said of putting together consecutive positive performances. "That's our goal this week and the upcoming weeks, just to keep stacking the games."

Talking about it and doing it, however, is not something this team has managed to accomplish on the offensive side of the ball. The Baylor game was the first game all year that Nebraska didn't turn the ball over at least 3 times.

Jumping that particular huddle for the first time while within someone else's confines, that's the challenge, but for Dailey it doesn't matter what you've done or not done up to any one game, it's what you do when the opportunities arise. "You make plays when they have to be made." He said. "You go out there, run the play and look for your key-reads. At any moment, the look can change."

"Last week, we thought we had a good opportunity to exploit the defense with man-coverage and that's what we did. This week, it's going to be an even bigger challenge, so we are just excited to be able to exploit their defense as well."

Excited to do that and actually doing that are hopefully for the Huskers, the very same thing. That will keep them on pace for what Dailey called the main goal for this team right now, Daily remarking, "We've put ourselves in position to capture the big twelve north and that's our biggest goal."

Dailey's position coach has his hopes as well, if somewhat more tempered right now. "We just want to be consistent." Jay Norvell said. "That's the whole thing we want. We want to perform every week at a level we are striving for."

"In the course of that, we have to stay humble and keep our eye on the prize."

The prize for some obviously appears to be a the title for the northern division of the Big XII. For coaches that are less enamored with looking more than five minutes down the road, one or two plays better than the week before is a nice start.

What Dailey has gained from his time thus far, however, through all the good and the bad is the belief that his team is starting to come together. "We've taken a liking to our play in this offense and how big of a role we contribute." Dailey said of himself and the rest of the "core"-players on the offensive side.

Norvell agreed. "I think our guys are finally starting to take ownership of this offense." He said. "They understand what we are trying to get done. They understand the techniques and we saw it in film-study this week."

"Guys were talking back and forth about what was supposed to happen and taking a lot of pride in different situations. When you have that, you start having real consistent play."

"That's when you know you really have something."

Dailey will lead that offense this Saturday in the hopes that what they had against Baylor will translate down in Manhattan and do to Kansas State what he's already experienced from the wrong side of the fence. "Teams try to stick it to you no matter what." He said. "Teams try to stick it to us, we're going to try and stick it to them and we're going to go about our business this week trying to stick it to everybody."

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