Nolen has it narrowed down?

When you get a chance to take a look at the film on Todd Nolen you begin to see the potential that is there to be a big-time receiver at the next level. When you see Todd Nolen's stats for the previous week you can pretty much guarantee that he will be a big-time wide receiver.

It's obvious that the Huskers are doing a little re-tooling when it comes to personnel to run the West Coast Offense. Wide receiver has been a position that is of utmost importance in getting in quality players this year for Nebraska.

One such player that was offered very early in the year, and in fact the first to offer him, was Todd Nolen. Todd has a great combination of size and speed. When you watch his film you also have to notice the great body control as well as the ability to make things happen after the catch.

This season Haption (Va.) is off to a great start and it has everything to do with how Todd has been performing on the field. "It's been going pretty good for us. We're 6-0," Nolen said. "I don't know my season stats but I know my last two week's stats."

Last week Nolen had four cathes for 120 yards. The week before that it was eight catches for 204 yards and four touchdowns. So he is averaging 27 yards per catch, 160 yards per game and two touchdowns per contest over the past two weeks. Wow. On the season Nolen has seven touchdown catches.

Nolen is getting around to setting up some officials. So far he has only been talking with Nebraska and Virginia about officially visiting. He is eyeing December visits for both schools at this moment.

Nolen has been thinking though about making a decision sooner before later. According to Nolen he does not deny that it could be down to a two team race and that after making just those two officials that he may be ready to make his choice.

"Yeah, you could say that I will just visit the both of them."

If there were any questions about how good Nolen is after looking at his stats, consider that Virginia is holding a spot for them in their class. That is not a big deal to any other team in the country, but Virginia's class this year has filled up quick and Nolen has a spot saved for him.

Nolen has some ideas about what he is looking for when it comes to making his choice. "The system of the program at the school. The academic and graduation rate of the football players and the tradition."

Nolen hasn't had a chance to watch too many college football games. He hasn't seen any Nebraska games and has only seen two of Virginia's games. Given the expectations of the programs this year and how the teams have performed has that had any affect on Nolen?

"No I wouldn't say that."

Expect the same type of numbers out of Nolen the rest of the season. It's obvious that his eyes are on the prize of a state championship this year. Stay tuned as we get down to Nolen setting up his official visits.

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