Ritton in town this past weekend for unofficial

It's not too often when you can find a passing quarterback in the state of Nebraska or a nice sized wide receiver. This year you may have both. Although Dan Gorski from Creighton Prep has been getting a lot of attention, the wide receiver is silently getting more and more attention as well.

Although Auburn, Nebr. isn't the biggest towns in the state it has been known to produce some great football talent. There were a pair of brothers who both played at Nebraska and both drafted by the NFL in Chad and Chris Kelley. The latest in a long line of talent out of Auburn though is Anthony Ritton.

Anthony has some great size and speed for a wide receiver for not just anyone in the state, but in the nation. Anthony goes 6-foot-4 and 190 pounds and can cover the 40-yard dash in 4.6 seconds.

The teams in Nebraska know about Ritton as he is seeing a lot of double coverage so far this season. "Coach really wasn't that concerned about it at the beginning of the season, but as we have been getting closer to the playoffs he has been getting me the ball a little more," Ritton said."

Although the quantity isn't there for catches, 19, with every catch he is getting everything he can out of it. He has 450 yards receiving and five touchdown receptions. Ritton has one of the highest, if not the highest, yard per reception averages at 24 yards.

While people will talk a lot about the official visitors that were in this past weekend it was as a good weekend for unofficials. Anthony was in town to see Nebraska take on Baylor.

"Oh yeah, I was there this weekend. It was pretty cool. It's like the third time I've been there for one," Ritton said. "I missed the loss. So I missed the good one."

With Ritton you may have a guy that can carry some additional pounds and grow into being a tight end. Ritton isn't clear either if he is being recruited for one position over the other.

"I'm not really sure if they want me as a tight end or as a receiver. They're talking about either one. (Coach Scott) Downing talked about putting a little more weight on me and play tight end. But, I am not quite sure."

If it was up to Ritton it wouldn't matter where you put him at on a college football team, just give him that chance. He thinks that he would have the ability to put on that kind of weight and be successful at tight end in college.

Ritton really has a classic case of a kid that grew into playing a tight end in Lincoln right now. Matt Herian out of high school may have played tight end, but he played the position from a flex position as much as he did next to the tackle. It was also expected that to play tight end in college Matt would need to put on some weight.

Ritton has seen the gains that Herian has made to his body and the way that he uses it on the field. He also likes the idea, like Herian, that if he were to play tight end at Nebraska to be a weapon.

Ritton hasn't received any division one offers, but he is picking up offers from "smaller" division two schools. "They just said that they would put money on the table for me. Schools like North Dakota, South Dakota, and Omaha. I am still waiting to see if a division one school will put an offer out there."

Ritton is hearing mostly from Nebraska. Kansas State is still in contact with Ritton, but he hasn't had a chance to get any film together to send it to them yet. He was also hearing from Iowa State.

"I grew up watching Nebraska all the way. I don't know, hopefully. That is the goal."

Getting an offer may or may not be in the cards for Ritton from Nebraska, but is walking on an option? "I think that I am looking more at taking the partial over walking on. I am going to get an education and anyone that will help me go and get that paid for. I'd say that UN-0 would have the upper hand with a partial over walking on."

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