Officials set for Adam Myers-White

For most players, recruiting is only a distraction from a season with high hopes, aspirations for post-season play and looking at just what their team can do. Well, when your team still has yet to win a game, distractions are actually welcome. That's why Adam Myers-White has taken on his recruiting full-force, all of his official visits now scheduled. He talked with us about those officials and what appeals about each school.

His team is 0-8. It's not the season Adam Myers-White envisioned, but he's accepting it nonetheless, just hoping that each week will be better than the last.

As a welcome distraction, however, Myers-White has hit the recruiting road running, just coming off an official visit to Purdue.

That along with those scheduled (Tennessee, USC, Nebraska and Florida), Adam says he's got his teams and now he's ready to take a look. "You don't know anything about the schools really until you see it in person." He said. "That's why I can't wait to get going on those and see for myself what they are like.

While Adam has only seen one, he gave us a rundown of each and what appeals to him about those particular Universities.

USC: "It's far away from home, plus I have an uncle that lives close by. It's just a chance for a guy to be his own man and not be around mom and dad everyday. Plus, it's the city and I live in like a country-city, nothing like there, so that would be pretty different to see."

Tennessee: "It's like going from home back to home, because I have a lot of family that is just like a half hour out of Knoxville. That's where my mother's side of the family is.

Florida: "Again, it's far away and it's hotter down south than west. You get western heat or southern heat. I kind of like southern heat."

Purdue: "That's just one of the big ten schools I really like academic-wise. They are a real family oriented place and the academics are just wonderful. Plus, it's not very far from home."

Nebraska: "Well, it's far away enough my parents won't touch me. Just a great tradition and I am interested because of their program. I am going there because I am curious about them. You never know what you are going to see and their program speaks for itself. Now, I just want to see it."

Adam said that of this group, nobody can stand out, because he hasn't seen everybody just yet. However, Adam was torn somewhat on just whether or not he'd take all of his official visits or commit before they are all done. "I want to take them all." He said. "But, you never know what might happen. I go someplace and it just feels perfect, that's probably where I will go."

"I want to take all five of my visits, but I can't predict what will happen on each one."

He can't and we can't, but we usually do anyway. With that being said, Myers-White continues to be one of the more intriguing prospects in the Midwestern part of the country. Recruited as a safety, linebacker, even cornerback, there's no doubting his versatility along with his up-side, which says that he could play right away.

He's not worried about that right now, however, because he's looking to the future, just not too far into it right now. "I figure out where I want to go and I will worry about the rest later." He said. "I talk to the coaches about where I fit in, my chance to play early and the academics, but right now, it's just about figuring out which place feels right to me. Which plays feels like a home, but away from home."

"That will be the place for me."

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