Surprise visitor for Nebraska this weekend?

Can Nebraska come in and nab one out of the state of Texas? Well their chances just got better with an official coming from him this weekend.

DajLeon Farr just returned from Oklahoma this past weekend. The 6-foot-5 and 240 pound tight end from Galena Park (Texas) came up on a weekend to possibly schedule another visit.

"I was looking to possibly set one up and Coach John Blake called. I am going to Nebraska this weekend," Farr said.

Farr has been consistently rated as the top player in the state by Stacey Dean of on the Texas Hot 100. Getting an official from Farr, who is not tipping his hand on the rest of his potential officials or favorites, is huge.

"You have to talk about his size and speed. He has a ridiculous combination of size and speed. He's already bigger than Kellen Winslow, JR. and Jeremy Shockey were. He's faster than Shockey and not much slower than Winslow."

What may have you questioning Farr's ability could be his stats. Dean says that they are very misleading. "Don't look at those. One reason is they have an excellent wide receiver named Tyrone Samuels. I should put him on the Top 100."

"It's very easy to be able to take a tight end out of the offense. If they were to split him out they would get more favorable match-ups for him. North Shore is just beating everybody. Why mess up a good thing?"

"So when he's lined up at the tight end position he has all the linebackers and safeties crashing down on him and it always allows for the one on one with Samuels. They choose to try to throw to him. Plus, their quarterback isn't as talented this year as Bobby Reid was last year. It's a travesty they don't use Farr."

"I tried to get some dirt on him and thought that it might be his hands. We thought he might be a Rickey Dudley and be an awesome athlete. So we talked to Bobby Reid and he said that Farr can catch very good. I talked to DajLeon and he said that he catches everything, but I need to work on my routes. That's probably what he needs to work on the most. I talked to his coaches and they said that he has never dropped a ball in a game."

What you might see is the size and speed of Farr and think about the match-up problems that he could create for you. But, Stacey notes that his biggest strength isn't catching the ball and he may be the best blocker in the nation.

"No one, offensive lineman included, can block better than DajLeon Farr in the nation. No one. Jamie Newberg ran his tight end drill and saw him and he agrees with that. There's not a better blocker in the country. That is what makes DajLeon so impressive. He applies that much effort, that much work ethic and he would like to catch the ball in college, but he would sacrifice for the bettering of his team. You would think that would be discouraging, but it's not. He wants to be the best he can be."

Having that type of player in Lincoln this weekend is huge for a weekend that has seen some kids re-schedule at the last second. Coming off of an official to Norman last weekend, what are some things that DajLeon is looking for when it comes to his visit to Nebraska.

"I want to get a feeling from the players how it really is. I want a chance to sit down and meet the coaches and the players and see how they are like. I want to see the team in person."

One thing that Farr has to like about Nebraska now would be the change in offense and how it affects the tight end. Matt Herian is a junior and a pre-season All-American as a tight end for Nebraska. "Definitely, if it was the other, old Nebraska there would be no chance in me looking at them. It's different now."

As for the season for DajLeon he went on to comment about his game this past week and the season so far. "We play Pasadena this Thursday. I got one catch last week in the middle of traffic. The season is going well. We are 8-0 and we'll go to the playoffs."

DajLeon has been playing the poker game of recruiting holding his information close to his chest. He doesn't talk about favorites, although thinking that Oklahoma and Nebraska are getting officials bodes well for those two schools. Tomorrow, Stacey Dean of will have an exclusive with DajLeon Farr talking about his leaders in another interview with the best player in Texas.

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