Shooting Point Blank

Usually, you don't see me put out an article in the middle of the week because, let's face it, I'm not really bright enough, nor do I have that much to say in a week's span to put out two articles, but, here we are and believe me, there is a lot on my mind. Not about offensive or defensive coaching, not about players or x's and o's, none of that. What's on my mind is, actually, you.

Apathy is a word that has been thrown around a lot lately.  Husker Apathy they call it.  It's been bandied about focused on coaches, players, trainers, and strength and conditioning members, the whole works.  To be quite honest, though, I'm starting to see this phenomenon in a place that, honestly, disturbs me a bit: the fans.  Now, look, I'm a reasonable guy and I understand the situation that we're all in.  Times are rather rough now and the team isn't doing as well as we'd like, fine.  What disturbs me, however, is the individuals who take up a valuable seat at Memorial Stadium to either sit and pout when each and every drive doesn't end in seven points or, heck, failing that, complaining about something even during a touchdown celebration.


This has got to change, people.  I remember a time when a team not only feared coming to Memorial Stadium because they dreaded the beating they'd take at the hands of the team, but because they would be subjected to an earsplitting crowd that would make life hell for them for the next several hours.  Teams no longer fear any aspect of Lincoln and a good chunk of the fan base isn't helping.  I am not coming down on all of you, believe me, I'm not.  I've sat next to some VERY cool people in my days at Memorial and believe me, chunks and sections do exist, but I'm afraid that just isn't good enough, not for where we need to be.


There are people who have, for a long time, gone on at great lengths about how all they want is the best for the program and the fans, but they turn their back on everything they've claimed to hold dear.  They couldn't care less about the program and take great joy in sitting around nudging everyone around them at the sports bar telling them how right they are when things don't go wrong.  What do they have to lose?  If we fail, they're right and, believe me, they'll tell you that over and over.  If they're wrong?  Well, darn, they're GLAD to be wrong, right?  Because after all, they want what's best for the team.  I don't believe it and neither should you.


These are the types of people that I'm discussing today.  The fact of the matter is this: We're sitting at 4-3 and, guess what?  We're still in control of our own destiny in the Big XII North.  So, what am I asking of you?  Lay the foundation for the imposing atmosphere that once used to dwell in the hallowed halls of Memorial Stadium.  If you've already made the decision that you're going to go and read a book or sit in your seat with your arms firmly pressed against your chest and sneer at an incompletion or complain that Missouri got 2 yards instead of 1 on a play or whatever reason you could possibly fathom for complaining?  Just don't.


The kids need a crowd that is unbridled, that supports them, which they can feed off of.  Sure, will it score points?  No, it won't, but it will show them that despite the tough times they are going through, we still love them and admire them because they are OUR team, they are OUR sons and they fight for what WE hold dear.  Do you know what my dream is, folks?  To turn Memorial Stadium in to one big student section.  Where we all stand for the majority of the game and make it nearly impossible for the opposing quarterback to audible, where we take great delight in showing the Men of Corn love when they've earned it and even when they haven't, just because they are OUR team.


We could've made a statement against Kansas State, but we didn't and, yeah, that's unfortunate, but we have control of this situation now, Husker Nation.  Missouri, one of the three teams that beat Nebraska last year, is coming to Lincoln this year.  They have to come to our house, remember when that used to make you all giddy?  Don't you want to be able to use the phrase "Well, it's in Lincoln!" and have it mean something?  Then let's begin anew.  Let's set the date: October 30, 2004.  For each and every one of you that holds a ticket to the event in Memorial Stadium on that date, go to cheer and lose your voice.  If you cannot do that, then, please, don't go.  This has absolutely nothing to do with age, either, folks.  I've met folks into their 70s, 80s and even 90s who yell with the vigor that I have no doubt they've done for decades.  Those are the people I want in the stands Saturday.  I want little kids who have never been to a Cornhusker football game; I want the young guns with unrivalled passion, the older gents with a kid still alive inside them and everyone else able-bodied and with a healthy throat.  Get out and yell, cheer and cause general havoc for Bradley Smith and the Tigers. 


No excuses, people.  If you cannot get behind this team now at one of its most desperate times of need ever, then you need to step off of the bus and find yourself another team, because it's just not working out.  For those of you remaining?  It's time to get fired up and take a lesson from the student section.  Start chants, get rowdy and cause general havoc for the opposition.  It is time for Memorial Stadium to stop being Nebraska's Biggest Tea Party and turn back into an asset for our boys in Scarlet and Cream.  It all starts with you, the fan.  Are you willing to do what it takes?


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