Chase Coffman's first official visit

As a tight end that stands around 6'6", it's not hard for someone to find you the ball. For Chase Coffman, he's had the ball find him plenty of times this year. As his receptions go up, his stock goes up, but the question for Chase isn't who is chasing him, but who's found themselves on his firm final list as to where he'll eventually go.

Chase Coffman isn't a wide receiver, but he plays one on TV. Well, film that is, game-film that recaps what this standout Raymore-Peculiar Sr. high school has done thus far this year.

His last performance, ho-hum, 5 receptions, 2 touchdowns and 119 yards. I say that in a yawning fashion as for the season, Coffman has been for his competition, infuriatingly consistent, catching 27 balls on the season, scoring 11 times, totaling 626 yards.

Yeah, he's a future tight end. Odyssey


One that has offers abound, but all the offers the Coffman family are worried about are the ones from Iowa, Nebraska, Kansas State and Missouri, those teams that have been and continue to be THE teams that are on his list of where he wants to be.

What has been interesting, however, are the visits, more importantly those whose dates will be dictated by how they do in the north division of the Big XII conference.

Stay with me here – Ok, now Nebraska is scheduled for this weekend as Coffman's first official. Ok, that's easy enough, but after that it gets a little more interesting, at least with this conference's teams. If Nebraska beats Missouri and ends up in the Big XII title game, Chase will be going to Kansas State the weekend of the 4th of December and Missouri on the 11th.


If Kansas State somehow makes it to the Big XII North title, then it is Missouri on the 4th and Kansas State on the 11th. Or, it could be the other way around Missouri wins the North instead.

Ok, and then there is Iowa that will be in the first week of November.

Basically, if someone other than Nebraska makes it to the Big XII title game, the Coffmans will be visiting the school that isn't in the championship contest while that championship contest is taking place.

Obviously, though, one of the big questions the Coffmans will have as any worth-their-salt tight end wants to know, are they going to get the ball and how much.

Well, being a former tight end himself that made it all the way to the pros, you can bet that Chase's dad (Paul) has probably scoped things out himself.

For the sake of those wondering, though, here's a rundown of the tight ends at each of these schools and how they are doing thus far.

Iowa – Iowa's statistically best tight end this year thus far is Senior, Tony Jackson. He has played in all 7 games, caught 6 passes and is averaging 11.4 yards a game receiving

MissouriVictor Sesay leads for the Tiger tight ends, catching 23 balls in 7 games, totaling 226 yards and scoring twice.

Kansas State – The Wildcats most prolific tight end is Brian Casey, playing 7 games, catching 15 balls for a total of 182 yards, scoring 2 touchdowns

NebraskaMatt Herian leads the Husker tight ends, playing all 7 games, catching 23 balls for 302 yards, scoring 3 total times.

For both Missouri and Nebraska, the tight ends are also the team's leading receivers.

It's easy to say that Coffman's ultimate decision will have a lot more riding on it than receptions per game, but when you take a look at just the numbers, judging each school equal, obviously the home state and the Huskers have a slight edge.

That's what you can see on paper, however, and as we all know, it's the visits that count and then you will really get to see if any team can put some distance between them and the rest of the competitors.

First team in their sights is of course, Nebraska.

Stay tuned as we will update you after his visit to see how everything went.

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