Wednesday Practice Report

The amount of questions coming off a loss that can still exist as one of the sore spots of the year, well, they are more tilted towards what happens next, just how mad are the players after such a humiliating defeat and which Nebraska team will show up for the pivotal home-game against the Missouri Tigers? While those may be at the forefront of people's minds, there is at least one other question that could have a dramatic effect for the weekend. Just how healthy is this team right now?

With free safety, Josh Bullocks only playing a sparse role against Kansas State, still recovering from a Separated shoulder. And, with Cory Ross running, but obviously in some major discomfort, still nursing that nasty turf toe. And, Ross Pilkington not being one hundred percent due to problems with an assortment of injuries ……just how healthy is this team now?

"We're in good shape." Callahan said. "Cory Ross practiced, Ross Pilkington practiced as well as Josh Bullocks. All three starters are on the field and performing and we are encouraged by that."

With the injury situation on the side of the positive, at least for now, the focus goes back to the team as they prepare for the Missouri Tigers. There's so many questions as to just how this team is going to respond following the 45-21 loss to Kansas State.

The assumptions are that whatever NU has done thus far hasn't worked very well this year, so the question based on those assumptions is if the staff is doing anything different this week. "We've evaluated everything." Callahan said. "We take great pride in looking at every detail of our football."

"We always motivate through technical football. We are emotional motivators as well, trying to get our guys ready to come out on Tuesday. All the things we talked about are being encouraged and are being assessed, are being emphasized during the course of meetings and practices."

"Anything special out of the realm? I would say so, but I don't want to put that out there."

One thing that is "out there", so to speak is the demeanor of the team itself. Following the rather emphatic retorts from starting linebacker, Chad Sievers in yesterday's press conference, there would seem to be an even greater sense of urgency than this team has had all year.

Callahan said while there is urgency, it's nothing that this team hasn't exhibited during practices all year. "They're always urgent." He said. "They practice hard, we demand a lot out of these players. There's no doubt that from last week, they want to improve in every aspect of their play and performance."

"They came out to play (today). They came out to work and they were loose, they were ready to go and I am sure we will have a good practice tomorrow and we'll finish this thing off and get ready for Missouri to come in here."

The Nebraska/Missouri game is scheduled to kickoff at 11:00 A.M. Central time and is Nebraska's homecoming game as well. The game will be broadcast on Fox Sports Net.

Nebraska is currently a 2-point underdog

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