How Solid Is Beck?

Harrison Beck has been referred to as one of the finest quarterbacks in America and Nebraska's quarterback of the future. Recently, the firing of Ron Zook from the University of Florida has issued some rumors about the return of Steve Spurrier and whether or not he could sway Harrison to the Gators. What did Harrison have to say about that prospect?

Everybody wants a piece of Harrison Beck.  He committed to the University of Nebraska months ago, but coaches will not listen.  The barrage him with phone calls pleading for him to reconsider, but thus far, Beck has remained firm.  He is coming to Nebraska, he'd say.  Recently, the firing of Ron Zook from Florida has prompted questions about Steve Spurrier's return and whether or not the ol' Ball Coach would come after Harrison.  Even if he did, would it really matter?  How much of an effect would Spurrier or anyone else have on his commitment to Nebraska?  "Zero, I'm going to Nebraska no matter what," Beck said.


Many have wondered when Harrison will be visiting for his official stay in Lincoln.  Harrison shed a little light on the situation.  "I was supposed to do it this week but I decided not to because it's hard to get flights into Nebraska.  We found a flight at 6 a.m. and it worked out so buy the time I get into Nebraska kickoff would happen.  It's on TV anyway, so I'll watch."  When is Harrison looking to reschedule?  "It's still up in the air but I'm definitely planning on coming out," he said. 


With Harrison's feet firmly entrenched in his decision, one wonders who actually brought him from Florida to Nebraska in the first place?  "Coach Elmassian.  He was the first coach I ever talked to.  He did an excellent job, they're all so nice.  He did a lot in getting me there.  I did like the campus but I liked him as a coach," Beck said.  The young, confident kid from Clearwater, Florida thought he would be coming to cornfields, but was pleasantly surprised with what Nebraska had to offer. 


Beck's season continues to be flawless.  Countryside is 7-0 and heading into a game for the district title this Friday.  "I've got like 1,300 yards, but we haven't really thrown much, like maybe 14 times a game," Beck said.  "I'm completing around 70 percent of my passes and have about 100 yards rushing."  Harrison doesn't want Cornhusker fans to think he's just going to let a defender tee off on him as a quarterback.  "I'm not afraid to lower my shoulder.  There have been a few occasions this year where I've lit people up."


Beck will be seventeen years old when he steps onto campus as a Cornhusker and he plans to wear #3.  "I'm a Brett Favre fan, of course he wears #4," Beck stated.  Harrison recalls that fateful day when he found out what he'd be branded with.  "I was a freshman and I was kinda nervous.  They pass the list around showing everyone what they got and I got a cool number," Beck remarked that during the Elite 11 camp, he was actually mistaken for Carson Palmer's little brother.


The future remains bright for Harrison Beck as his family and friends rally around him, but he continues to put the rumors to rest and shun every other coach in the nation.  From his own mouth, Harrison Beck will be a Cornhusker.

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