Has Jimmerson's Interest In Nebraska Faded?

Nebraska continues to hit the recruiting trail hard as the time between now and February shortens. One of the prospects they're eyeing to add to an already impressive array is Florissant, Missouri's A.J. Jimmerson. Not much has been heard from Jimmerson regarding Nebraska over the past several weeks, but we caught up with him to find out how he's been doing and if his interest in the Cornhuskers has waned.

Hazelwood Central High School's own A.J. Jimmerson is truly an exciting prospect.  He's put together well and has speed to burn.  Many Nebraska fans would love to see A.J. as part of a starting backfield some day, but questions have been brewing over his interest in the Cornhuskers.  Has Nebraska spoken with A.J. as of late?  "Yes sir, last weekend I spoke with Coach Cosgrove," Jimmerson said.  Coach Cosgrove is the primary recruiter for A.J. and its apparent that he and NU's defensive coordinator enjoy each other.  "He's a real fun coach to talk to," said Jimmerson.


Of course, for Coach Cosgrove to have a good shot at landing A.J., the Cornhuskers would benefit from securing an official visit.  Is one in the cards for Nebraska?  "Yes sir.  (I plan to visit) sometime in December."  Many prospects look to Nebraska for a variety of reasons ranging from playing time to national championship aspirations, so what does A.J. like about the Midwestern university?  "I like the tradition and the coaches a lot, too. The coaches are really fun to be with," Jimmerson stated.


With Nebraska having one runningback in the fold in Leon Jackson and looking at getting a commitment from Marlon Lucky, one has to wonder if A.J. worries about his potential spot on a depth chart.  "A little bit, but not too much.  I'll complete with who I have to.  I'm going to compete for any position I have to play."  Indeed, A.J. looks to be in the game to play it most of all.  His team is 4-5 on the season and is currently in the Missouri state playoffs.  Last week, A.J. rushed six times for 183 yards and two touchdowns.


A.J.'s future certainly looks bright as he continues to narrow down the choices for the fortunate school that he will one day call home.

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