Improbable Prep - QB, Josh Freeman

He made an impression during Summer camps at Nebraska. Tall young man, strong arm, good feet for someone his size and he had a head for the game. It wasn't hard to see why Josh Freeman would eventually be a name to remember. Who would have thought though, that it would be right now, when he has more than a year left to play.

At 6'6" and around 220 lbs., you think QB and you are thinking this kid can throw. You'd be right at that, Josh Freeman enjoying another stellar year, already at over 2,000 yards, throwing over 20 touchdowns, completing 63 percent of his passes with just four I.N.Ts.

That's good.

You want to know what's better? Yeah, I know that you know, but for the sake of melodrama and having built this thing up, I'm going to say it again.

He's a Junior.

A Junior that has an almost 70-yard arm, surprisingly good feet and just to talk to him, you don't think Junior, at least not at the collegiate level.

It's no wonder that Josh is already sitting on 4 written offers from Iowa, Missouri, Kansas and Nebraska. Oh, and let's not get into the letters. "There's a lot." Josh said. "There's just a lot of other schools."

Schools that are eyeing the Grandview, Missouri star, but as things like this goes, what people have been seeing is what they will be wanting sometime soon.

One of those schools mentioned above is Nebraska, a team that Josh just unofficially visited this last weekend. A visit that isn't actually the first time he was in Lincoln, Freeman attending the Summer camps earlier this year.

Between that experience and this one, Freeman has gotten a good look at what Nebraska is like and thus far, he's pleased with what he's seen. "The crowd was amazing." Josh said of the sold-out crowd in Memorial. "There was just so much energy and it's just hard to describe."

What isn't hard to describe for Freeman though is his overall impression of the school he's now seen twice. "It's just overwhelming I think. It would be awesome to play there." He said.

One other thing that Freeman says fits him is this new-look Nebraska, the West Coast offense invading the Midwest. While Nebraska hasn't exactly executed it to perfection throughout the year, it didn't stop Freeman from recognizing what it is designed to do. "I see they have guys open and I know what they say as how this transition period of something they knew they would have to go through." Josh said.

"They are trying it, but right now, it's just not working real well."

You'd think that for a young man that isn't even a Senior yet, recruiting is the last thing on his mind and to that end you'd be partially correct. It is the last thing on his mind, but that means he's still thinking about it, if only from time to time. "I'm just enjoying my football season." He said. "I mean, the only people that really make a big deal of out this are my friends that talk about the offers, the attention and all that."

"I like checking these games out, but it's because I like football and it's fun to just go to some of these games."

I can hear you. Or, I can hear it, that being your mind. You know Josh is a junior and you know he's going to have a bundle of offers before this thing is all said and done. You still want to know, don't you? You still can't help but to ask.

Does Josh have any favorites right now?

"I don't even think about that right now." He said. "I've got this season and another to go. It's a college I will be going to so I need to worry about it some, but that's a long ways away. Right now, I am just enjoying the season, going to games if I can and taking it all in."

Much like the receivers are that are lucky enough to be on the other end of one of his passes. Well, that is except for one. Out of the annals of football lore and Brett Favreian legend, Josh Freeman has created a little lore of his own.

Wide receiver, Tim Vincent will not be playing the rest of the year.

Why, you say? Well, it's because he caught or I should say, tried to catch a pass from the Junior QB.

It didn't go as one might have hoped.

"The ball broke his wrist I guess." Freeman said. "He must have just caught it wrong."

Yeah, I am sure Antonio Freeman said that when he actually lost webbing in his fingers from trying to catch one of the Green Bay's starters notorious fast-balls.

As it is though and as I told him, that no matter how many yards he throws for from this point forth, his legend is already set.

That could be an exaggeration, but considering the attention this Missouri native is receiving right now, while we may not tout his name eventually as one of the greatest, at least locally, he's already achieved a bit of fame. Chances are, that's only going to increase and it may be just a few fans of a few schools wondering seriously what Josh Freeman is thinking right now.

By this point next year, it's going to be a whole lot more.

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