Big man running - DT, Terrell Nemons

Terrell Nemons has a problem. No, it's not the opposition as he's usually having his way there. No, the problem is the way he has to take. The long way, that is. For someone 6'2" 330, he may participate in track, but if he'd have his way, it wouldn't be in the 100-yard dash. That's how it has been for Nemons this year, however, as wherever he's at, the team is running the other way. It's good for him that the schools recruiting him are doing exactly the opposite.

As one of the top defensive tackles in the country, you look at the stats from last year and expect any prospect to better them their last year around. Well, don't blame defensive tackle, Terrell Nemons for not trying, but he's got a couple of problems.

First and darn those teams they play, nobody seems to want to come his way. "All I do is run across the field anymore." Nemons said. "I line up differently every now and then, but all the other guys do is see what the formation is at the line and I know the audible is calling the play away from me."

"It's frustrating, but I was expecting it this year."

The second reason is that unlike last year where Nemons had some help outside in the "4-3" formation, now it's him that is actually outside and at times, inside as well. You get that when you run almost a predominately "3-4" formation as Cedar Hills has done all year. "It's kind of interesting, because from the outside, it looks simpler and it kind of is I guess." Nemons said. "We have to worry about our gaps, but basically it's just about getting up the field."

"Don't let them run your way, but just pin it back and get to the ball."

That's a dream come true for most any defensive linemen, but again, not when you don't have that 4.4 speed to catch anyone on the field. Granted, when you are around 330 lbs, a 5.2/40 is impressive, but not when you are trying to do it all day. "I'm not made for a track meet." Terrell said jokingly. "You learn to take good angles when you know they are always running away from you, but us big guys can't run all day like those little guys."

That hasn't stopped Nemons from trying to better his total from last year, tallying 50+ tackles thus far. With the "runaway" philosophy that teams are utilizing against him, however, his sack total is down, with just 2 sacks thus far this year.

You can tell that schools are looking at the numbers when evaluating Nemons as though his stats might be down, the attention he's getting from colleges is anything but. "Yeah, it's pretty consistent." Nemons said of the attention. "I'm just taking it all in stride though."

With the nonchalant approach, Nemons has still managed to set visits to three teams that have offered him, Kansas, Colorado and Nebraska. Nemons said that he'll opt on his fourth visit to Oklahoma, but hasn't scheduled that as of yet.

As to the fifth? Nemons isn't sure that he's going to take that one right now. "Those four are the ones I am looking at right now." He said. "I don't know. It's going to be awhile before I take them, so I might have another on there, I'm not sure."

Nebraska is the most recent school to be scheduled and Nemons said as to why he scheduled Nebraska, was partly due to their increased attention towards him and what he's learned about the program since. "Well, it looks like they need defensive linemen." He said. "I think there's a chance to play pretty early there."

That's one bit of criteria for Nemons, but he's got a lot that he knows won't be answered right now. "It's all about the visits." Terrell said. "You get to know the coaches and see who you get along with and then you make the visit and see what it's really like. That's what matters, how you feel and if it seems like a place you want to be."

"I'll know that after my visits."

The first visit is slated to take place in December starting with Colorado and Nemons will take the rest of those he currently has scheduled during that month as well.

Nemons has a 2.9 GPA currently with an 1120 on his SAT.

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