No. 15 is a 5-star for the Huskers!!

Recruiting has been a bit of a whirlwind for the Nebraska Huskers this year. Not for years, perhaps beyond any that most can remember, the recruiting has been solid and even stellar at times. The luminescence behind their class just got a lot brighter as one of the brightest stars in the country just said he was coming to NU.

His name has been on the tip of the tongues of Huskers fans throughout the country. What's he doing, when is he doing it and will be eventually be with NU? Marlon Lucky put all the waiting and fears for rest as about an hour ago, he made it official, he's a future Husker.

"It was just the right decision for me." Marlon said. "But, I guess it came down to the fact that I talked to my guardian, my coaches and they all said that Nebraska would be a good place for me to go."

That decision could be considered monumental when you consider the primary competition for this North Hollywood Senior high back, because while Nebraska has been there from the outset, so has the local school and number one team in the country, USC.

USC with its tradition, it's national-ranking and simply the fact that it is closer to his home, they have been the favorite almost the entirety of Marlon's recruiting. Well, until now. "My uncle was first saying that USC was the place to be." Marlon said. "But, after he thought about it, he said that Nebraska was probably a better fit."

Fans might agree, as Marlon Lucky's all-around game has recruiting fans and football fans drooling at his potential. 1,400 yards out of the backfield this year, over 1,700 the year before and a love of catching the ball out of the backfield. In fact, if you were to ask Lucky what one of his main strengths was, the first thing he'd say is that he's got the hands for the position. "I can catch the ball out of the backfield pretty well." He said. "I can turn up-field fast and I can do something with it after that."

That is the kind of versatility that Lucky will bring to Nebraska and while he's modest about his versatility versus those already on the team, he's confident in what he'll bring to the table. "They do what they do, I do what I do and all I am looking to do when I get there is my thing. Just get out there, try my hardest and see what happens."

Lucky did have another reason for deciding on Nebraska. A reason that he said was pivotal in putting the Huskers over the edge. It wasn't about everything he was hearing from coaching recruiting him, but everything he wasn't. Coach John Blake most of the time didn't even seem like a coach to him. "You get used to everyone telling you that you are their guy, you'll play right away and all that." Marlon said. " Coach Blake, he wasn't even like a coach sometimes. We would talk about whatever, but there were a few times it had nothing to do with football. You just felt like a person instead of a player."

Marlon is a person all right, but oh what a player as well. The 5'11" 210 lbs. Tailback has been called one of if not the best all around playmaker at the position this year. Inside, outside and over you, Lucky has killed opponents with his hands, feet and eyes.

He's so confident that when he's got you one-on-one and you are the only thing in the end zone, your best strategy is to pray. "Oh, I am getting in the end zone." He said. "I'd rather juke him, but if I have to go over him, that's ok to. I don't mind."

Neither does his team, nor will Nebraska as Lucky adds himself to an already impressive class, joining Leon Jackson as Nebraska now has commits from two out of the top 11 backs in the nation.

Lucky doesn't worry about that as competition has never bothered him. All he is worried about is just getting a chance to do his thing. Ok, he's not worried at all. "It's not cockiness I don't think." Lucky said. "You are just sure of what you can do and if someone gives you a chance, you feel like you can get the job done."

Speaking of done, that's what Husker fans want to know about Lucky and his recruiting, because when you get a player like this, sweat wears itself prominent on the brows of recruitniks that are Husker fans, waiting for signing day to approach. Lucky said that the Husker fan-base doesn't have anything to worry about, because he's made his decision and recruiting is finished for him. "I'm not taking anymore visits." He said. "I made my decision, because this is where I want to be. I am happy to be a Husker."

Lucky makes commitment number 15 for the Huskers and marks the first five-star commit of the class.

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