Shooting Point Blank

On November 6th, 2004, anger, strife and malice poured from the mouth of the Corngrigation. There was much wailing and gnashing of teeth. Anti-coach websites were registered and the masses let it be known that heads would roll for the inexcusable actions of the Nebraska Cornhusker football team in Ames, Iowa. On Sunday, however, Nebraska got Lucky. Marlon Lucky, to be exact. What a way to turn the tide with Lucky on No. 7.

I'd like to make something perfectly clear in that I have faith in Bill Callahan and all of his offensive assistants.  I have faith in John Blake and even Bill Busch to an extent.  Alright, so with that said, everyone that I have faith in, raise your hands.  Not so fast, Kevin and Phil.  The fact of the matter is this: 27 points should be good enough to beat Iowa State with their current team.  Giving up 466 yards to one of the worst offenses in the country is just hideous coaching on the part of the defensive coordinator and what Elmo has done with the secondary is just sickening. 


Now that we've gotten my sauciness out of the way, I'd like to focus on an area of this weekend that hasn't been covered ten different ways by now.  On November 7, 2004, I got a call at around 6:15 P.M. alerting me that Nebraska had gotten a commitment from five-star runningback prospect Marlon Lucky.  I found this rather interesting as many individuals told me that our recruiting was going to plateau and that our current commits would run for the hills following the loss to Iowa State.  So, what does a young man from California see that thousands of disgruntled Nebraska fans don't?  A very bright future.  He sees the chance to play alongside some of the most talented individuals in the country in Lincoln, Nebraska for his and your pleasure.


Interestingly, a web site assumingly devoted to the removal of our current head coach has already been registered, which means, for those of you not IT-minded, that a placeholder has been put for that site once it has been constructed.  It hasn't even been a year with the staff and already a number of fans want to fire Coach Cal, everyone associated with him and start anew.  That'd be a great prospect, wouldn't it?  Come to Nebraska!  If you can't get to a New Year's Day bowl from day one with a brand new offensive system choked to the gills with players not meant for it or unable to run it at all, you'll be out on your can!  The resumes won't exactly be flying in, people.


I realize that a number of you are upset with what happened at ISU and, honestly, so am I.  We've outlined that above.  I believe the problems lie, not necessarily in the staff as a whole, but with the individuals who I have indicated.  What a number of fans need to understand is: this is a learning year, period.  There will be rough patches, as I'm sure most of you braced yourselves for.  However, just because the patches were rougher than you assumed doesn't mean you jump ship and if you're encouraged to anyway?  That's just fine.  Don't let the door hit you where the Good Lord split you.


Marlon Lucky is a very good icon for the future of Nebraska football.  He is a very humble, soft-spoken, humble young man that felt a nice, warm community like that of Lincoln would be perfect for his continuing football career and education.  His legal guardian felt the same way.  Marlon showed us that even though Nebraska can go out and stumble, not giving a good effort, that others can see the machine being built along with the trophies, much like you'd find in this year's edition of the tunnel walk.


Is it a tough time to be a Nebraska Cornhusker fan?  Absolutely, it is.  What needs to be seen as encouraging is that a young man like Marlon, a very talented, very bright kid chose to commit following a very hurtful loss.  He could've gone to the home state school of Southern California and played alongside their talented bunch.  He chose Lincoln, though.  For all of the foul language and poor choice of words used regarding Bill Callahan and his staff, Marlon and his family must've seen some good in them.  They must've seen a chance to be a part of something special, of a family environment and a very nurturing environment that goes beyond you or me or any other fan.


The fact is, the Marlon Luckys of the world see what is being built and it doesn't require outside acknowledgement from strangers to let them know they've made a good decision, they know it already.  I've said it in previous articles, even this one and I shall stress it again into the rest of the season and through the off-season.  If you truly can't handle what's going on, if you're just going to sit, pout and whine, then take your business elsewhere.  What will be left over is a group of Cornhusker fans who will support the team win, lose or draw as we've harped on for years.  A group of caring, compassionate individuals will remain who take the time to learn about the kids and the program.  A group of people will remain who don't take pride in the failings that occur and clam up once the positives come out in droves.


You needn't look at Iowa State, Texas Tech, Baylor, Kansas or any of the games past or present to know what's coming in the future.  You don't need to look to your buddies or message boards or chat rooms to have an idea of what's in store.  You can look at one special young man who made his decision based on fact, not conjecture, not rumor, but fact.  Take a look at the pride of North Hollywood Senior High.  Take a good, long look at Marlon Lucky.


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