Three down and two to go for prized safety

It's one of the biggest things that a coaching staff must hate or fear and that is canceling a visit. Sure, it's just one weekend, but as time goes on and things change it's possible that visit may never be re-scheduled. Nebraska finds themselves at that particular juncture with one of the nation's best safeties.

It's easy to understand what makes Nick Harris so valuable and such a commodity to the recruiting world. In baseball terms he would be a 100 MPH left-hander, a triple crown threat at the plate and stealing bases with ease.

There isn't anything that Harris doesn't do and do well on the gridiron. His team is 6-2 and well on their way to a playoff birth. Two weeks ago, they lost their second game, but Harris may have had his best game of the season.

"It's going well. Our first round of playoffs is this week," Harris said. "We lost one earlier this season and lost one the Friday before. No loss is expected for us. It was a big game. We are No. 7 in the state and they are No. 10 in the state. They wanted it more."

"My personal season is great. I think I had one of my best games, maybe my best games this past Friday. I had 16 tackles, two sacks, an interception I returned 61 yards for a touchdown, and two pass break ups. I just had a real good game. I am doing returns too, but they don't kick to me. They stopped kicking to me after the third or fourth game of the season."

Given the performance it's easy to see why some of the nation's best have been hanging around in the delta to see if they can lure Harris to their school. To date, Harris has taken three official visits and has two other ones set up.

"I've taken three official visits. I've taken official visits to Oklahoma, Texas A&M and Michigan. I was at Oklahoma to see them play Houston, Texas A&M for the Clemson game and at Michigan for the three overtime game against Michigan State."

The final two are the so called lottery winners for Harris' last official visits. While it might be an indicator to some about Harris' favorites, don't get ahead of yourselves. Harris maintains that he is still open.

"My LSU visit is set for this weekend. It was originally set for the 20th. I'm going to have to reschedule it from this weekend to I don't know when I can reschedule it. I have my Nebraska visit set for November 26."

"We have five games left. We are going to be in the state championship game. If playoffs permit I'll make the visit, because that is a Friday game. I set it and I am confident that we will be in the last game of the season at the dome."

Nebraska hasn't had a typical season in terms of wins and losses. Their re-tooling of the offense has kept them in title contention for the Big 12 North, but has it been something that Harris has a growing concern about and how has the coaching staff been communicating that with Harris?

"Coach Gill has been recruiting me from Nebraska. That's everybody. You can't look at the season as a basis for going or not going to a school. For certain schools you can because you can look at who they have returning or who they have going. Every school goes through a phase of re-loading. I mean, LSU is going through that. Their season just hasn't been as bad. Everyone goes through it to some extent."

Some recruits pay attention to the success that a team has on the field, but even some are starting to pay attention to the recruiting classes. Harris knew about some of Nebraska's victories on that field.

"I've seen some things on it. I heard that they got Marlon Lucky. I'm just taking it as I can. I'm really just focusing on the playoffs right now."

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