Hangin' With Harrison

Harrison Beck has had a very tumultuous recruiting season with everyone clamoring for a chance to get his signature even though he has remained solid as a rock on his commitment to Nebraska. After getting yet another pledge from Beck for NU the last time we spoke, I chatted with Harrison about the Florida high school playoffs, Nebraska recruiting, plans for the off-season and his goals while at Nebraska.

Everyone in Nebraska and across the nation knows the name Harrison Beck.  The Farve fan from Clearwater, Florida garners as much attention as a Steve Spurrier press conference in the sunshine state and leaves just as many people talking long after all is said and done.  Beck has answered questions from reporters, coaches and various other people trying to find seeds of doubt in Beck's mind, but none can be found. I sat down with Harrison to get his thoughts on the most recent happenings in his life and in NU's present and future.


Beck's Countryside High team was faced with the prospect of winning the district championship and they did just that.  "We won 48-14 and I didn't even play within 10 minutes of the third quarter, they pulled me.  We scored pretty fast and now we're playing the #7 team in the nation next in the playoffs."  Beck isn't the only member of his team excited about playing such a highly-regarded squad.  "My coach was saying that that's what he coaches for is for games like this.  Some teams you play to play ‘em and you know you're going to beat ‘em but this is a team that's really good and it's going to take a lot to beat ‘em, so you've got to step up to the challenge," said Beck.


Beck's been keeping an eye on Nebraska and wasn't too down about the Cornhuskers' loss to Iowa State. In fact, he thinks that you'll be seeing something different from the scarlet and cream come this Saturday.  "It's a rivalry game, you'll see a different team show up.  I don't care if we're playing the worst team in the county, they're gonna show up for a rivalry game," said Beck.  Harrison has also kept his eye on the recruiting game and how Nebraska has fared in that arena.  Consider him impressed with the recent commitment of Marlon Lucky.  "He sounded pretty excited after his visit, so that's pretty big.  They could do some of the stuff with him that they did with Charlie Garner in Oakland. You know, catching passes, making moves or pitching to him."


Beck was then asked about his impression of the Nebraska recruiting class overall.  "It's a great class. You've got some good receivers, some great runningbacks; I think the class is really shaping up well.  There are some great O-linemen, so it's really shaping up well.  So we're gonna have a pretty good class this year.  That's definitely gonna be great for the team, getting players there with experience in the West Coast Offense.  Not to say that the players that they have now aren't good, but the experience will help," Beck said.


Harrison has also heard from his collegiate choice recently.  "I talked to Coach Callahan and Coach Norvell about two days ago.  Coach Novell tells me about the first 15 plays of the upcoming game and then we just talk about the offense and how practice went, what they think they can do against their upcoming opponent," Beck said.  After the playoffs conclude, Beck will begin preparing for his new life as a Cornhusker.  "I'm going to take maybe a week break and then I'm going to start lifting, running and conditioning.  I want to be in the best shape I can be in.  I'm sure they'll send me a conditioning book and playbook.  You've got to learn as much as you can," Beck said.


Beck professes to daydreaming about his upcoming career with the Big Red, so what does he want to accomplish during his career?  "I would say that I don't really care about any stat expect for the win-loss column.  I would like to leave Nebraska doing nothing but winning, I would like to leave a winner.  I want to win, that's why I play football," Beck said.  Notice has been served to all quarterbacks on Nebraska's roster in 2005, Harrison Beck is coming and he's coming to play.

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