Wednesday Practice Report

Nebraska took to the outside of the grass fields along side Ed Weir track and then, took to the inside of Cook Pavilion as darkness set in. It's hump day in preparations as Nebraska continues to try and hone up for the trip to play OU.

Usually, when inclement weather sets in, that puts the Huskers inside of Cook pavilion for the entirety of practice. For Wednesday's practice, that changed to a degree. On a rain-soaked grass field along side Ed Weir track, the team continued to prepare for OU. "I thought we got a lot of good work done today." Head coach, Bill Callahan said. "It's good to get on the field when there's bad weather, there's rain and it just helps you to get your timing down in a different manner."

A different manner would almost seem apt. as the Huskers will be looked to, to be markedly different than they were not even a week prior. Regardless of the outcome, however, what Nebraska has done this week in preparing for OU doesn't change, at least as far as the set structure of practice and how it's run day-to-day.

"It's laid out in a fashion that early in the week, we work on the base game plan on Tuesday. Wednesday, you get into short-yardage, third down package, nickel and things like that and tomorrow we'll hit the red zone area and we'll get some special situations like four minute and backed up."

"It's laid out like that throughout the course of the year, so that in the coaches' preparation, the coaches can plan accordingly."

You would expect that of the ultra-organized Callahan that fluctuates very little week to week. One thing that did fluctuate this week, however, was the starting spot at the placekicking position. Following a weekend where the previous starter, Sandro DeAngelis had two field goal misses and one extra point miss (one field goal and the extra point were blocked), David Dyches was named the starter for OU. "It is a competitive situation and we just feel that David can come in and give us a lift in that area." Callahan said. "That's something they are both competitive at and very good at."

"To Sandro's credit, he's contributed quite a bit to this team. He's done a lot for us and we appreciate the contribution that Sandro's made to this team and he may be utilized again."

Callahan did say that DeAngelis is still the person slated to do the kickoffs while Dyches will be handling field goals and P.A.Ts.

Amongst those not practicing today were linebacker, Chad Sievers who Callahan said was excused for personal reasons and of course, Cory Ross who is and will continue to be limited by the nagging turf toe.

When talking about Cory and his contribution, Callahan couldn't help but to reiterate things he's said numerous times about NU's starting tailback. "I'm just really proud of what he's accomplished." He said. "He's going to hopefully be the first thousand yard runner here in the last few years. It'll be great to see an I-back get a thousand yards."

"It will be good to see him do that, he's closing in on that and I am hopeful he can hold up so we can get him that mark."

Ross currently has 937 net yards rushing, averaging just over 104 yards a game.

Nebraska will take back to the field tomorrow in their last full practice before they go through the walk-through and then, it's off to Norman Friday night. Currently, Nebraska is a 30-point underdog, perhaps the largest point spread Nebraska has seen as the underdog since point-spreads have been tracked.

The Huskers don't hold the honor of having the largest point-spread though as USC is favored to beat Arizona by 35 this Saturday.

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