Thursday Practice Report

Perhaps you could say the countdown to Oklahoma began even before the season arrived. Unfortunately for Husker fans, what was projected to be at least a significant match up has become almost anti-climactic. It would be hard to convince anyone of that though, as preparations continue for the biggest road trip of the year.

On the grass-fields, amidst a cool and crisp Autumn evening, the Huskers took practice, the last full practice before their trip down to Norman. It's been a long week of trying to get ready for everything they will see and practicing outside was part of that routine. "It was good to get outside and battle the elements today." Head coach, Bill Callahan said. "It'll be pretty similar to this when we get into Norman on Saturday night."

The expectations behind the rather cool weather in Norman for the game is a consideration for the team. While Nebraska and Callahan himself are not strangers to the cold weather, there is acknowledgement as to how important being ready for the Fall chill actually is. "I think as long as you get out and get warmed up, I don't think there's any problem." Callahan said. "I think that the players need to be out there executing whether it's the passing-game, the running-game, any portion of the offense or defense or even special teams. I think it's important."

For the Huskers, everything will be important indeed, but if the Huskers are to even be remotely in this game, they'll have to be perfect as well. And, even then, that might not be enough.

So, do you pull a Jimmy Johnson when he was the head coach of the Dallas Cowboys, winless on the year facing the undefeated Redskins and throw caution completely to the wind? Do you run fake punts, fake field goals and basically, if it's in the book, you are using it?

Nebraska might, but the last person that will admit to just what the Huskers might do isn't saying a thing. "I'm not going to go on the record with that." Callahan said laughingly of letting out his potential bag of tricks. "There's always that element of surprise in our game. It was indicative last week when we had Pilkington's throw back to Joe Dailey, so we have it in our repertoire, but everything has to be aligned right for that to occur."

"You've got to have the situations, the defenses and the score has to be right, so all those things factor into the call."

This could very well be game where it is expected to see the unexpected, especially in a game where the outcome almost seems predetermined. The odds, point spreads and speculation, however, it's not effecting the coaches and the players as they are getting more excited by the day. "I'm excited." Callahan said. "I'm anxious to get down there and be part of this great tradition and rivalry."

"But, we'll see tomorrow. Every day is a new day. I think our guys will be ready for the game."

The Huskers will take in meetings tomorrow morning, go through their walk-through immediately following and will board their flight for Norman, slated to arrive in Oklahoma at 5:30.

Kickoff is scheduled at 6:00 p.m. central time and will be aired on Fox Sports Net

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