Dontrell Moore: "Hit them in the mouth."

We've regaled you with the exploits of Nebraska's 17th commit, linebacker Dontrell Moore. Comparisons, projections, speculation all of what this Coffeyville standout might achieve. Rather than continue on that as we get third party opinions, how about the opinion of the one that matters most? Dontrell Moore talked about his pledge to NU, why and what he expects for the future.

There's little glitz and glamour with this Thibodaux, Louisiana native. It's basically a lunch pail attitude off the field, but most especially on it.


It's the kind of attitude that at least for Moore, he feels makes him tough to beat. "Just get out there and hit someone in the mouth." He said. "Get off the ball fast and get after it every single down."


His position coach, Rion Rhoades would say that Moore does just that. "He's fast to the ball, I can tell you that." He said. "His closing speed is what is probably the most impressive. You just don't see him get beat to the corners that often. Usually, he's going to catch you before you even make the turn up-field."


That kind of speed makes people think of players like Demorrio Williams from last year and Terrell Farley of what is now almost a decade ago. Quick off the line, good pursuit speed and the ability to knock the heck out of someone once he arrives.


Dontrell looks at the ability to do what he does as something that's just a by-product of his most coveted gift. "You've got to have speed." He said. "That's the big equalizer out there. If you can get side to side fast enough, you take a lot of what the offense is trying to do. They have to go deep or just all that small stuff, but you can't win a game like that. You've got to be able to make plays."


"Speed stops that from happening."


Of his reported sub 4.4 speed, Moore said that it isn't his only asset. He likes to think that while the speed is the thing, he's got another positive going his way. "You have to love to hit people." He said. "You go strong, hit them in the mouth, take them down, rip it (the ball) out, whatever you have to do. It starts with that hit though. You have to go at them hard right off the bat and for the rest of the game they are wondering where you are at."


Where Moore is at is in Coffeyville, but come January, he's moving up North for what will be the next two or three years of his life. His pledge to Nebraska came as a shock to some, but Moore said that when it came down to it, Nebraska ran away, because they kept coming at him with the kind of relentlessness that he himself shows on the field.


"A lot of coaches tell you they want you." Dontrell said. "A lot of coaches ask for film. But, Nebraska came through, they said they wanted me, showed they wanted me, so it was easy, Nebraska was it for me."


Recruited by linebacker coach, Bill Busch, Moore got to see just what he was needed to do and how soon he was needed to do it. That was another reason the Huskers go the nod. "They are losing some guys, guys leave or whatever, but I can get in there right now." He said. "I mean, coming out of here, that's what you expect though, so I looked at places that I knew I could get out there right away."


From the outside linebacker position as Moore is slated to play, Dontrell says of the division 1-A level that it's exciting to think about the future. He also likes the fact that he'll be doing it with a team that he thinks the future holds some pretty impressive things. "You know, Nebraska, it's a great tradition." Moore said. "They have a down year, maybe two, but you know they will be back. You know what they've done and where they are going to be."


"It's going to be cool to be part of that and maybe I'm a reason to help some of that happen. That's what I want to do."


Again, Moore will enroll in January, but he'll be visiting Nebraska for their final game of the regular season as the Huskers host Colorado. Moore will also do his best to try and convince a certain friend of his that when his time comes in May, he'll join Moore with the Big Red. "I was getting ready to call him right now." Moore said of All-American linebacker, David Dixon of Hutchinson Community College. "I know he can't come in early, but he'll be done eventually and we always talked about playing together at some college."


"If I can get him to come, that would be cool, because that guy is a flat out baller."


Moore doesn't know a lot about Nebraska. He'll admit to the fact that he was a fan growing up, but even fans aren't engrossed at an early age. Dontrell does know though about the history of Nebraska, at least what he's managed to learn in a fairly short time.


He's eager to be part of that, anticipating having success at that and he's just waiting so he can get into Memorial and do what he does best.


"Hit them in the mouth." He said. "You do that, you've got their attention. The rest of the game, they'll never forget where you are."

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