Will Powe still visit Nebraska?

The need at the defensive tackle spot for Nebraska may only be second to the need for offensive tackles. The need is there for a big man to be able to occupy two men and make plays. There are normally a handful of top defensive tackles in the nation and Nebraska is looking to get an official reset with one of them.

At 6-foot-3 and 320 pounds, Jerrell Powe can still cover the 40-yard dash in five seconds. He has the ability to occupy a gap under a double-team and also the ability to pursue the play from the inside, a deadly combination to find on a defensive tackle.

It's no coincidence then Powe and his team has made it into the playoffs. "Yes sir, we are in the playoffs. Our first playoff game was last Friday. I think that we won 34-0," Powe said. "This Friday will be a pretty good game."

Lots of stuff is going on for Powe right now with this focus necessary to win the upcoming week and of course win the state championship. Recruiting doesn't stop though for Powe who has officials set and a final high school game looming in San Antonio in the U.S. Army All-American game.

"I am visiting Texas A&M on December 10, LSU on December 17 and January 21 I am going to Mississippi. I am supposed to go to Nebraska in November (11/25). There could be three more rounds of playoffs."

So, this is a familiar spot for Nebraska. Nebraska was to receive an official from Powe who was unable to make the first visit. Now Nebraska, if Powe and his team are playing for the title, may not get a visit this month. If he misses this official, will he make it a point to get that official in?

"Probably will. I want to make that visit. I talk to Coach Blake regularly. He's a pretty cool guy. I am planning on playing that weekend (11/25) though. It will probably be after Christmas (when I visit Nebraska)."

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