Jason White takes flight - OU 30 - NU 3

The final score was prior to this game considered somewhat of an afterthought. Nebraska was going to lose, the question was, how convincing would the trouncing be. In the end, Nebraska might not have garnered the victory, but for those Husker fans, the 30-3 finale' might be considered an accomplishment indeed.

The road-woes for the Huskers have been obvious and pronounced. The last three games, Nebraska lost by a total of 149-58. They had given up 70 points Tech, made a first-game starter look like a Heisman-winner and gave up over 400 yards in offense to one of the worst offenses in the country.


What seemed to lay in store for them as they took on the second ranked Sooners in Norman, Oklahoma, was speculated to be potentially the ugliest game all year.


It wasn't pretty mind you, but Nebraska came out of the game with the loss, but not defeated in the end. "I was really proud of our kids today." Head coach, Bill Callahan said. "They fought their butts off and I am extremely proud of Cory Ross and his efforts on the field."


Ross comes as the one beaming ray of sunshine for the Husker team that has now it's 5th loss of the season and has a conference record of 3-4 on the year. With the turf toe that has been ailing the Junior I-back since Baylor, once again, Ross's efforts didn't reflect the pain he was obviously in.


Rushing the ball for a season-high 30 times, Ross reeled off rushes of 21 yards, 24 yards, 20 yards, caught a shovel-pass for 21 yards and before it was all said and done, went out of the game with a reported bruised sternum. It was as running back coach, Randy Jordan said, both amazing, but what everyone has come to expect of the starting I-back. "I don't know what to say." Jordan said of Ross's performance and toughness. "He has shown me throughout the season the will power to fight through pain and injuries and still be there for the team."


"We always talk about as a group that the wolf is only strong as the pack and the pack is only as strong as the wolf and right now, he's definitely the strongest wolf in the pack."


Ross finished the game with 136 yards on 30 carries along with 29 yards receiving. The 136 yards puts Cory Ross over the 1,000 yard mark on the season, the first NU running back to accomplish the feat since 2001.


Ross is also the only individual that has rushed for over 100 yards against the Sooners this year, the next best being Cedric Benson from Texas, who ended his game against OU with 96.


Conversely for the Sooners, they didn't have a 100-yard rusher, the first time that has happened the entire season, especially for the freshman phenom, Adrian Peterson. His 67yards is his lowest total all year, the next highest being the 100 yards he tallied against Bowling Green in the season-opener.


What it came down to was what the current Heisman-holder, quarterback Jason White could do to steer OU to a win.


The 6th year Senior answered emphatically. "He was phenomenal." Callahan said of Jason White and his 29 of 35 passing for 383 yards, 3 scores and a school record 18 straight completions. "He's special in every sense."


Coach Stoops said of White's performance that basically, it was another one of those performances he's come to expect. "Jason was unbelievable once again." He said. "He continues to amaze you in what he is able to do."


"The ball is a little bit slippery and the grass is wet and people take it for granted that he's in there executing in a great way."


White's top target was Travis Wilson, the Junior wideout catching 9 balls for 135 yards.


"The game plan worked to perfection." Wilson said. "The receivers around here know that when your number is called you have to make a great play."


And they did, 8 receivers catching at least one ball for over 10 yards, but 5 receivers having longs each of 20 yards or more.


If you are starting to realize the trend here, it wasn't Nebraska's plan, but the fact that Nebraska didn't have OU's players to make it work. "Their talent is outstanding." Callahan said. "Skill across the board, acrobatic catches, speed, athleticism, they've got it all."


With that, if you are a Husker fan, you might be inclined to take some sense of relief from a game that Nebraska lost and only scored in once.


It was to Oklahoma, the second ranked team in the country. The NU offense managed to do something to OU nobody had done all year with the century mark for an individual rusher. They also held OU's most dynamic player to less than a hundred yards of his own.


Of course, there is then, Cory Ross.


Sure, it sounds like a moral victory and to ask Barrett Ruud, he'd tell you he doesn't want them. For the team as a whole, however, especially considering the season, this game could have been a whole lot worse. "Our guys competed." Callahan said. "They fought as hard as they could. I am proud, because this game motivates us for the future."


"I was proud of the way we played, the way we ran the football and I am just looking forward to next week."


Next week holds the last regular season game of the year for the Huskers as they host the Colorado Buffaloes. While there is a still a large mathematical chance that NU could still win the north, none of the players are worried about the end result, rather the goal at the end. "Colorado is a big game for us." Linebacker, Barrett Ruud said. "They are like a rival like Oklahoma and it's our last game of the year."


"We want to win. That's all we are worried about right now."

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