Reggie Smith Talks NU-OU

Reggie Smith was able to take in last night's Nebraska-Oklahoma game and check out two of the teams vying for his services. Reggie talks about what he thought of the game, his future visits to any other schools being considered and about a possible commitment decision timeframe.

Ask any Nebraska recruitnik about Reggie Smith and the saliva starts to flow.  The DB/WR prospect out of Edmond, Oklahoma is high atop many schools' boards but only one will be able to call him theirs.  Reggie recently took in the Nebraska-Oklahoma football game, so what did he think of the Big XII battle?  "It was alright, it was kinda cold and chilly so I didn't stay all that long.  Oklahoma's just pretty good and Nebraska's just rebuilding right now," Smith said. 


One of the coaches helping that process along is Coach John Blake who Reggie knows quite well.   "I've been talking to Coach Blake, talked to him about two hours ago.  We just talked about how they need me up there and if I could get up there that Colorado week, that'd be good," said Smith.  He says that his visit schedule is still rather up in the air regarding where he'll visit and when, but he did say that he does not plan to take an official visit to either Oklahoma or Oklahoma State.  "I only have four left and I know I'm not going to the two in-state for officials," he said.


Though Reggie couldn't really gauge his interest specifically on the Cornhuskers, Smith did say, "I like ‘em, they're cool, I like Coach Blake."  With Oklahoma always looking to stockpile as much talent as possible, especially within its own borders, one has to wonder about the pressure being put on Reggie.  It was asked of him that if he felt an out-of-state school was the choice, if he would be hesitant to commit to that school just to avoid any unnecessary flack.  "I doubt that.  If it feels right I'm gonna do it, I don't care what anyone else thinks.  I'm gonna make decision when it feels right," said Smith.  Reggie said he does plan on taking all five official visits, but if he feels comfortable, he has no qualms with committing while on a visit.


When looking for a potential school, Smith has a few things in mind for his collegiate destination.  "I want the relationship with the coaches, I want an overall feel that I like it there, I feel good in the environment.  I want to play, but do whatever I can do to help," said Smith.  Reggie's Sante Fe High team takes on Broken Arrow, ranked #6 in the state.  Last week, Smith's team won 14-3 over Mustang High.  Reggie amassed 150 yards rushing and one touchdown along with 90 yards receiving and one touchdown.  He was also credited with nine tackles. 


Truly, Reggie Smith is a coveted athlete and as we get closer to signing day, the battle for his services is going to be as white hot as Smith's own future.

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