Craig Roark takes unofficial to Oklahoma

In a situation that only could be described like letting one of your ememies take your girlfriend to a dance, Craig Roark was there to visit Oklahoma this past Saturday night. It's rumored that Oklahoma is picking up interest in Roark. Did anything that he saw this past weekend change his mind about his commitment to Nebraska?

Craig Roark is someone that Nebraska coaches must feel very good about because there he was on the opposite side of the field as an unofficial visitor to Oklahoma. Roark was one of Nebraska's first commits, and one of the standouts in this already impressive class. Before th visit though, Ada tore up their first round opponent the night before and is looking to the second round.

"Yeah we did pretty good. This weekend we can hopefully do the same thing. They're pretty good. We should handle them though. They are small up front. We should run all over them," Roark said.

Roark had a decent night. He was told that he had 24 pancakes in their first round playoff victory. On the season, Roark has a total of 173 pancakes through 10 games or right at about 16 per contest.

The weekend was a busy one for Roark, a Nebraska commit, who decided to take an unofficial to Norman to see Oklahoma play against his future team. "It was an unofficial for Oklahoma. I can't talk to Nebraska coaches off campus. I told them that I would be paying attention to Nebraska more."

"They didn't really care, they just wanted me there I guess. Oklahoma has been recruiting me a little bit more for a while now, but it really doesn't matter. It wouldn't matter unless there was a big coaching change at Nebraska and all of the coaches were gone and no recruits were coming. There is no way that would happen. I'm 100 percent committed."

Roark was able to see the Sooners on top of their game, Jason White picking apart Nebraska's defense and a Husker team that is looking to become great again. "I honestly thought that Nebraska played pretty well. It wasn't as bad being there as what it might have been on T.V."

"Jason White was just awesome. It was the best quarterback performance that I have ever seen. The cornerbacks were defending well, I mean they were all over them (Oklahoma receivers). He would just find a way to get them the ball. It was ridiculous."

"I was happy overall with how Nebraska played. I tried to get over into the Nebraska lockerroom after the game, but that didn't work out. They can't talk to you off campus. I tried to, but I was told about the rule."

Roark was able to meet up with another Husker recruit this Saturday night in Norman. He was able to finally meet Dan Doering. Dan and Craig have an official set for December 17 to come and officially visit Nebraska.

"I talked to Dan Doering for a while. He was there for an official. He wasn't as big as I thought he would be. He's very cool. He did say that he wanted to take an official to Nebraska for the Colorado game, but that is the same week as deer hunting so we started talking about deer hunting. We were just talking about deer hunting and having a good conversation."

The guess is now that if Nebraska makes it into a bowl game that they will have a scheduling problem for official visitors on the weekend of December 16-18. Has anyone spoke to Craig about this possible scheduling conflict?

"They haven't told me that yet. I don't know if that is true or not. Someone said something to me about the game about that too. A reporter asked and I didn't know. Dan and I are still planning on coming in that weekend. It was good having a chance to get to know him a little bit."

This past weekend Steve Ryan, of BigRedReport, brought you exclusive coverage of Craig Roark's first round playoff win. This coming Saturday for Ada's second round game BigRedReport will be bringing you exclusive coverage again and Ada tries to add another state football championship to it's very distinguished resume.

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