Can Nebraska get an official from Zirbel?

Odds were, when BigRedReport first caught up with Cory Zirbel, that when he had 50 offers one was Nebraska. I mean, the chances were almost 50/50. Unfortunately he didn't. He was recruited by the coaches there before Coach Callahan and crew, but is it enough to get him to visit Lincoln?

Not too many can say that they have 50 offers in the nation. Cory Zirbel can though. In fact he has 51. The last to offer Zirbel was Nebraska who came in with an offer fairly late. The only thing that it might have beat was the end to his season.

"We lost last Friday so it's over. That was the second round. We were 9-3. We were projected to go to the final four. We had a lot of talent this year," Zirbel said.

Basketball is on the horizon for Zirbel and so is getting out and taking some official visits. He has already been on an official to Oklahoma and has two coming up in the coming weeks.

"I have Miami the first week in December and I have Michigan in the second week in December. I'm going to take one more to Alabama. But I am not sure when. I don't think that I am going to take the fifth one. I am not sure yet, but I don't think that I will."

Zirbel speaks highly of his official to Oklahoma, but he has already been to Miami and Michigan. He is looking forward to seeing more of the town, meeting the players and other things though on his upcoming trips.

"I got to hang out with all of the players and everything and talk to the coaches again. I was really impressed with the way that they have things going in Oklahoma. I would say that the visit was a '9'. It was pretty good."

"At Miami I want to meet some of the players. I went to their camp and stuff but I never met any of their players. I never met any of their recruits. I didn't really get to see a lot of the life around Miami. Outside of football I want to see how that is."

"I really like Michigan. I have been up there like four or five times now. I've had a lot of opportunities up there to hang out with the players and talk to the coaches. I just want to go up there and see if I get along with everyone and see how I fit in."

The last official that Zirbel is currently planning on taking is to Alabama. Tide fans should be happy to hear that he is pretty sure that he will be taking that official.

"Pretty much. Our head coach has a lot of friends that coach there at Alabama. There is a lot of connections there. I went on an unofficial to Alabama and liked it quite a bit. Think that I want to go back and check it out on an official and see if that is someplace that I might want to go."

Noticeably, there are two teams missing from Zirbel's list that you would think to see there. In-state schools, Kentucky and Louisville, were two of the first teams to offer Zirbel, but they aren't getting consideration like some of the other schools.

"Kentucky was my first offer and Louisville offered shortly offered. At first, it was pretty neat. But right now I just don't have a lot of interest in those schools."

Another school that tried to enter the Zirbel sweepstakes late was Nebraska. They were the last to offer Zirbel and the offer, although flattering, may have been a little too late.

"Yeah it was (too late). At first, I kind of liked Nebraska back in February and March. Then I didn't hear anything from them until about a month ago. I liked it again and I am glad I got the offer, but it's just really late in the process. I don't know who the coach was before that was recruiting me, but now it is Coach Jordan. I don't remember who it was back then."

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