Tuesday Practice Report

After a loss to Oklahoma that exhibited mixed results for the Huskers, the team got back to the grind inside Memorial today. It was a time where players are taught to adhere to the 24-hour rule, putting any one game behind them after a day following it has passed. Considering some of the positives, however, you might say that at least the attitude from how Nebraska played stayed with them even up to now.

For a defense that has been so Jekyl and Hyde in its performance and emotional output, the game against the Oklahoma Sooners left more positives than negatives on the team. Positive enough that defensive coordinator, Kevin Cosgrove referred to the first practice after the 27-point loss as a little more upbeat.

"It was spirited." He said. "It was a great practice."

With the bye-week ahead, the practice schedules are adjusted some, all the way into next week. Even the press conference before each home game that is normally scheduled on Tuesdays, will be on Monday next week in order to push everything up one day for the Friday contest against Colorado.

That schedule is good, because as Cosgrove said, it gives the players at least some time to themselves while preparations for the ‘Buffs continue. "They got Sunday and Monday off." He said. "And, they will some time off at the end of the week to."

With the week off, that's a little extra time to look ahead to the Colorado Buffaloes. Of course, at least for us, it's still a perfect time to talk about the weekend that was and a Nebraska team that lost, but played possibly their best all around game of the year.

From the defensive standpoint, for Cosgrove, it was just a matter of which way you wanted to get killed the least, hoping that the other aspect of the offense didn't have a field day that evening.

Fortune was not on their side.

While the entire OU rushing attack couldn't manage a hundred yards, QB, Jason White managed to more than make up for the slack, tossing three touchdowns, throwing for close to 400 yards and he was not sacked or hurried once.

"That quarterback is as good as I have been around, as good as I have seen." Cosgrove said. "His accuracy is unbelievable and his receivers are very good to."

Much of the success of White had to do with what Cosgrove said was a complete lack of pressure, some of it on his team for not getting it done, but more to the offensive line of Oklahoma for not helping them as well. "We did not get a very good pass rush." He said. "That offensive line is very good."

"That guy doesn't miss. We had guys right next to him and he banged it right in there."

"Anytime a quarterback has a lot of time to throw, especially a quarterback with that ability and receivers with that ability, you are going to have problems."

It's a problem that they will thankfully not have with the QB they are going to face next week in CU Starter, Joel Klatt. Klatt has had an effective year, however, throwing almost 60 percent of his passes complete, but he has managed to throw more balls to the other team than he has to his own, at least those that end up counting as touchdowns for CU.

Plus, like Nebraska, Colorado has a losing record in the conference.

That of course isn't the worry for Cosgrove and company as they are just worried about who they have, what they have to do and everything else that will be the plan of action for the next week and a half to come. "We'll be healthy." Cosgrove said of when the game arrives. "We are just concentrating on Colorado." The game as has been tradition, will be televised very early, the game set to kickoff at 11:00 A.M. and will be aired on ABC.

Notes: Offensive lineman, Darren DeLone did practice today, but nothing official was said in regards to his status with the team. Charges have been officially filed against DeLone by the fan, the "ruf/nek" that was injured in the altercation, this according to the Associated Press. University of Nebraska Sports Information department issued a release, quoting athletic director, Steve Pederson as he addressed this current issue.

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