Tennessee lineman sets official to Nebraska

There is no way to peg how a recruit will react to a late offer. Some look at the attention over time to determine who wants him the most. Others, take a look at what each school has to offer and it just doesn't matter when they offered.

Fortunately for Nebraska, Garrett Reynolds is more of the latter. The Huskers just started recruiting the lineman from Tennessee about a month ago. He was already holding some great offers, but had kept his recruiting open to this point.

For Reynolds, the season is over and it is giving him a chance to start focusing on recruiting. "No sir, we've been done for a while. This Friday will be three weeks that we haven't played. We were 3-7. We played hard," Reynolds said.

The time off has allowed him the opportunity to sit down and sort through the offers. He has also decided to make at least three officials, but he is unsure if he will take the other two.

"I am going to Virginia Tech for November 26, North Carolina for December 3 and Nebraska on December 17. At this point I don't know if I will take the last two. Maybe Northwestern. Maybe."

The uncertainty could go away if Reynolds finds what he is looking for in a school in the first three visits. "I am looking where I fit in most and where I feel comfortable. Distance shouldn't be a factor. I think that once I get there I will be fine."

Nebraska is at an obvious disadvantage right now when it comes to distance from Tennessee in comparison to Virginia Tech and North Carolina. Could this decision just come down to distance and eliminate Nebraska if all the campuses are equal? "I really don't know right now. I don't think that it would be. You never know."

Reynolds has had a chance to visit both Virginia Tech and North Carolina. He had this to say about Virginia Tech. "Good coaching staff and good football team. Great atmosphere and they have a beautiful campus. I went to a senior day camp. I got to see the campus a little bit."

Reynolds followed that up with this about North Carolina, "Huge campus. I think that they have 20,000 students. I went to a camp there too. It's a nice place. It's not surrounded by a city, but it's not a small college town either."

If there was ever such a thing like a mystery school, Nebraska may be it to Reynolds. "I really don't know much about Nebraska. I know about their tradition and I know about them running the option. They have a great atmosphere and the national championships that they won a few years ago."

It's obvious that Reynolds knows about Nebraska and their history. He is doing a little catch up work though learning about Nebraska now. It appears that when the coaches are talking to Reynolds it is like Nebraska 101 over the phone.

"Coach Wagner is recruiting me from Nebraska. We haven't talked too much about what kind of lineman I am. We have only talked a few times and we have talked about Nebraska. They just started talking to me about a month ago. Just trying to get me some information on the school."

To Reynolds, the type of offense that Nebraska used to run as opposed to know really doesn't matter. "It wouldn't matter to me what offense Nebraska was running. My high school we passed a lot. We had the leading passer and receiver in Knoxville. We passed every play just about. I'm used to it."

Trying to get a player to talk about himself and describe his strengths is never comfortable it seems for anyone to answer. Garrett had this to say about his own abilities though, "I don't get beat and never get down. I play hard. I have pretty good technique and good feet."

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