The Road Ends, The Road Begins Again

The road goes ever on. Or, so they say. How that road goes varies for each individual. For some, it's easy. For others, it can be arduous indeed. And, for some, it may seem like someone up there just doesn't like you very much. Jordan Adams has had his own road, a unique one, but as you can imagine, it's one that he's trying to put in his rearview mirror if he can.

At his home in Santee, California Jordan Adams waits. He waits for a visit to come from coaches at the University of Nebraska. He waits, but does so in anguish. "At that point, it was so bad I could barely stand." Adams said.


You see, Adams had a problem, one that has been fairly well chronicled, but we'll recap it a bit just to bring everyone up to speed.


Adams contracted mono early last year. If that were it, no big deal, get over it and move on. That wasn't it, however.


The mononucleosis turned into not just a virus, but a catalyst to what would eventually be a much more serious issue.


His spleen.


I won't endeavor to try and recite the medical definitions or why this did that or what not, but suffice it to say, the mono led to problems with Adams' spleen, that organ eventually needing to be removed.


Oh, if it was only that easy.


"For eight months, it was just this unbelievable pain." Adams said of his condition prior to his surgery to remove the spleen. "You just want it to stop."


It didn't. It only built and from the moment he realized just a portion of that building agony, the Huskers came knocking on his door.


Following a season at Grossmont Community College where Adams served as a back up in his first year there, his time wasn't much, but when his opportunities arose, Adams made the most of them and then some.


In his one regular season start for Grossmont, Adams threw for a school record 531 yards. Obviously, someone from Nebraska took notice.


And, on that day when the staff came to visit him, all Adams could think of was the pain and hoping beyond hope that his current condition wouldn't squelch the biggest opportunity of his brief football career. "Yeah, I was pretty worried about that." Adams said. "I just kept thinking to myself that they would hear how bad it was and that would be it."


"But, I told them what was going on and they understood. We just didn't know it was as bad as it was."


Bad? Yeah, you might say that, Adams going from his robust 200+ lbs. Weight down to 170 lbs. at one point, his body, his strength, everything becoming barely a shadow of what he was. Before his division 1-A college football career would even began, he thought at one point it was over. "That was the first thing I thought about." Adams said of football being first in his mind after hearing about his condition. "I had just gotten the call from coach (Dennis) Wagner asking me to come down." He said. "That's when my side-pain started happening."


That visit to his house was worrisome to Adams, because while the pain had progressed to the point of excruciating, nothing as far as attending to the dysfunctional spleen had been done.


Adams puts on a smile, tries to stand up and while the coaches were told then what was going on, it didn't make that moment any easier for him. "I was down in weight and I was scared they would see me and decide that they didn't want this guy, but I had told them what was going on and it all worked out in the end."


Some would find what "working out" means to Adams as being somewhat of a disaster themselves. Going into this year, Adams was one of the favorites to lead the Huskers this year. While that wouldn't have been thought to be a starting position right away, there was little doubt that Adams could come in at some point and contribute.


The operation put a wrench into the works, Adams having to get the operation two weeks prior to the season, recovering two weeks into the season and since, now, he's just trying to get back to square one.


"It's like starting over a little bit." He said. "Really, it's just uphill from now on and I am just trying to put all that stuff behind me."


That means Adams wants to get back to playing, but won't this year, opting to officially use his redshirt this season.


That doesn't mean, however, that Adams has been or will be relegated to inactivity. Actually, anything but. Just because Adams can't get into the mix now, he's making sure that come Spring, being in the mix is exactly where he'll be. "I am getting a lot more reps (now) so I can get a jumpstart on Spring." He said. "So, I am not coming back right at Spring, so it's not like a new deal – I am already in the flow when Spring starts."


When that moment arrives, Adams will no doubt think at least a little of the already long road he's taken just to get back to vying for the number one QB position. He might reflect a moment on Grossmont and his record-setting game. He might even ponder for a brief instant where he was and the pain he was in when his condition was as bad as it could be.


He might, but not by choice as Adams, looking almost relieved and just glad to be out there with the rest of the players finally without pain, he's hoping that he doesn't think about it at all. "I've knocked on a wood a few times." Adams said. "I'm just trying not to think about all that right now."


"I'm not going to look back to see where I was. I am just looking forward to the future."

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