Thursday Practice Report

Finishing up the week of practice, Nebraska took to the inside of Cook Pavilion as they continue preparations for their last regular season game of the year. Because it's a bye-week, that changes practices, but for the team, it seems to have been all for the better.

For the third day in a row, standing outside of practice you could actually hear practice take place. You might not consider that odd, but when for almost an entire year you can't remember that happening much, much less three days in a row, these are moments that stick out.


It's not by coincidence, however, as the team isn't just energized more, they are hitting more this week. "We don't have a game this week, so we want to keep our guys sharp." Offensive coordinator, Jay Norvell said. "You keep guys sharp by hitting."


Part of the hard-hitting practice was reserved specifically for the younger members of the team, according to Norvell. What he described as a "young guy scrimmage", it was an opportunity for the newer faces on the team to go after each other, something Norvell said got everyone into the moment. "That's always great for moral to see the young guys scrimmage." He said. "That was fun tonight to see those guys compete."


It will be the last time anyone has a chance to compete as for the next couple of days, the players will have a time to rest and relax. That's probably welcome news to starting running back, Cory Ross, who while he practiced today will have at least a brief opportunity to get off of his ailing toe for awhile. "He moved around pretty well today." Norvell said. "He'll have a couple of days to rest up, so we'll hope he'll be ready to go by Sunday."


During that time, the coaches of course, won't be the benefactors for the time off, at least not totally. "We'll do a lot of recruiting." Norvell said. "And, we'll get caught up in a lot of game-planning."


"We had an extra little bit of time on these guys, so we'll use it to prepare and go to the dentist and do a bunch of different things that we haven't been able to do in the last four months."


There have been some rumors flying around in the last day or so as to the status of a few players on the team. Offensive lineman – Chris Patrick, Defensive lineman – Danny Muy and Offensive Lineman – Cory Timm, all are being rumored as to transferring at the end of this year.


Coach Norvell said that he wouldn't comment as to that and deferred to head coach, Bill Callahan for the press conference to be held on Monday next week.


The Huskers will resume practice on Sunday, but Memorial will still be in full use, the state football finals being held there all this weekend. Current commit, Zach Potter and his Creighton Prep team will face Millard North in a rematch of last year's contest when Millard North won the state title.

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