Beck Prepares For Life as a Cornhusker

Nebraska's four-star quarterback commitment, Harrison Beck has completed his senior season of football. Catching up with Harrison, we talked about his future and what he's looking forward to most about his collegiate life along with what he hopes to accomplish in the offseason.

Harrison Beck's senior year is over.  Armwood defeated Countryside 35-13 on November 12th, but Beck isn't letting it get him down.  In fact, Beck said the season was almost a blur.  "It went by so fast, one thing you know we're playing the first game and the season hasn't begun and next thing you know, it's all over with and the year's done. It just went by so fast," said Beck.  So, now that Beck's high school football career is over, it's time to focus on new goals and aspirations.  "I just want to be able to go to Nebraska in the best shape I can get myself into.  I don't want to show up ten pounds overweight, I want to work every day so I can just jump into the mix and not be dragging behind when I'm doing sprints.  Just keeping myself in football shape, being mentally sharp," said Beck.  Beck ended the season with approximately 10 passing touchdowns, four rushing touchdowns and 1,800 yards passing with about a 65% completion percentage.  Keep in mind that Beck didn't throw that much during games.


Beck has always been known as a young man whose goal is to win, so how would he rank the satisfaction with his senior campaign?  "I love playing football at Countryside and with all of my teammates, maybe some things could've gone a little differently, but what can you do.  We had a really good season; I really enjoyed playing football this year," said Beck.  Harrison even spent more time working with his feet than before.  "I think I ran a little but more than I did my junior year," he said.  Harrison isn't going to let the losses effect him negatively, quite the opposite, in fact.  "Each loss fuels you.  I just want to get better, every game, every practice, my goal (in the off-season) is to get better, to get a little bit better each day.  You want to take a step forward each day, not a step backwards.  I'm not really gonna lean on this season too much, I'll remember all the good times.  I just gotta focus on what's further up the road.  I'm excited to get up there and compete," Beck said.


Beck also was able to catch the Nebraska-Oklahoma game and shared his thoughts on the contest.  "Oklahoma's having a great year, they have a sixth year senior and a Heisman candidate at runningback, but I mean, Nebraska ran the ball very well.  I think it was Cory Ross, he had a great game running the ball," he said.  Beck mentioned that even in the early stages of transition into Bill Callahan's West Coast Offense, things are starting to take shape.  "You see the flashes of ability to move the football and once everything falls into sync, that's gonna be a dangerous offense," he said. 


Beck is already getting excited for his collegiate experience.  "It's gonna be interesting being on my own, making decisions for myself.   Doing all those things on your own, that'll be fun.  Enjoying the life, the atmosphere, the people and see how you can handle the situations, it's going to be fun," Beck said.  As far as playing in any All-Star games, Beck said that he decided against the county all-star game so that others who hadn't gotten much recruiting exposure could benefit.  One thing is for sure, Harrison Beck is ready to spring into action once he sets foot in Lincoln, Nebraska as a Cornhusker.

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