Rodney Picou: Get me to Lincoln

With little to no communication with one of the few Husker offensive line commits, people started to wonder just what was up with Rodney Picou. Was he still going to Nebraska? Was he interested in someone new now? JUst what was going on? recruiting analyst, Andrew Friedman finally caught up with the elusive Picou and got the record up to date as to just what was up in his recruiting.

After a season marred with turmoil and disappointment, Rodney Picou cannot get to the University of Nebraska fast enough. He and his father will be making a return trip next weekend for an official visit. Picou tells us of his team's troubling season and how he feels he faired. There are some schools still trying to get Picou to visit. Florida State phoned his household two nights ago.

"They called and spoke with my father," explained Picou Jr. "I have not spoken with him about what they said and he hasn't mentioned anything. Oregon State has been calling, too. They tell me they want me to come up for a trip after I go to Nebraska next weekend. I don't know if I will do that, but I don't think so."

Canyon Springs finished the year at 2-8. "I think I did pretty well, but as a team we did not do well. I obviously did not do enough to help my team win more games."

The big lineman started the season as an offensive tackle. In the fourth game, he began playing guard and starting at defensive tackle. His team did not have much of a shot from the start. They were given a whole new coaching staff the week before their schedule got underway. "We had some kind of scandal with our old staff that had to do with money from boosters. That whole staff was fired. The new coaches came in a week before 'hell week' and it took us all a long time to get on the same page."

Picou is ready to put his high school career behind him. "I can't wait to get to Nebraska. Coach Busch just tells me to keep my grades up, stay focused, and get ready. When I get there next week he wants me to have dinner with his family. I am very excited for the trip and am looking forward to the big game."

Coach Busch calls once a week and Rodney Sr. also calls Lincoln to speak with him a couple times a week.

Picou will be heading to Nebraska as an offensive guard.

He is currently carrying a 2.5 core GPA and took his SAT last Saturday. The future Husker will be taking his ACT next month. Picou would like to major in Business at Nebraska. "Either that, or I will study to be a P.E. teacher with hopes of becoming a football coach."

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