Will Felix Jones visit Nebraska this weekend?

Losing is never frowned upon. But, the common theme for Husker fans lately has been that a recruit has had a game and can't make the visit. For Booker T. Washingon high school in Tulsa, they are a permanent fixture in post season play in Oklahoma.

This past weekend was a big win for Felix Jones and his team. They are set to play next weekend and he looks to add to some very impressive, playoff numbers that he put up last night.

"We won last night. It was a big win. I did pretty well. I think had about 221 yards rushing and five touchdowns, rushing," Jones said.

To this point, Jones only still has the one offer and it's from Texas A&M. When asked about a rumor about having a Nebraska offer he said, "I haven't seen one yet. I'm guessing that when I was to visit that they would offer."

That brings up a good question and that is whether or not a visit to Lincoln this weekend is still possible. "Um, probably not. I'm going to have a game that Saturday. I don't know. I am going to have to call Coach Blake or something to cancel my visit. I have a game that weekend."

Check off another visitor to Nebraska with Jerrell Powe because of playoff action this weekend. Beyond this weekend, is Jones still interested in visiting Nebraska?

"I don't have any leaders. I am waiting to see. I am still planning on re-taking that visit for another weekend to Nebraska."

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