P.C. tidbits, Callahan speaks to the press

You can imagine the theme for the final press conference of the regular season held today. A winning-record on the line, the bowl streak in jeopardy and of course, it's possibly the final game of the year. The hope from everyone is that it's not and as you might expect, the new Nebraska head coach isn't just looking at what's on the line here, but what's down the immediate road for the team.

You wouldn't think any player on the team would have to be reminded. You wouldn't think that anyone currently a Husker would have to even be told. The up-coming game and what's on the line, that should be message enough.


With that being said, head coach, Bill Callahan didn't seek to tell his players, rather remind them of possibly what there is to both lose and win in the final regular season game of the year. "I've pointed that out to our team and made it very clear what's on the line." Callahan said. "Obviously, there IS quite a bit on the line."


"A bowl-streak, a winning-season, that's big, that's huge. So, we are going to have to ante up and a play a little tougher on Friday."


"We're going to do our darndest to keep that streak alive."


On Friday, it will have been almost two weeks since the Huskers took the field in an actual game. During that time, Callahan said that practices have been up to this point have been a lot more physical than before. More live scrimmaging, more intensity and all the things seen hoping to have the team translate that to the game against the ‘Buff.


There is a downside, however, to the live scrimmaging as what Callahan professed at being worried about all year reared its ugly head last week. Defensive tackle, Brandon Teamer is doubtful for the game, out with a knee injury. Wide receiver, Isaiah Fluellen is doubtful for the game due to a tendon injury in his foot. And, Brandon Jackson is questionable, still recovering from a knee injury he incurred last week.


On the good side, a player that has been playing injured most of the year finally has had a chance to get some real rest on his aching foot, Ross stating that his foot is feeling better than it has since the injury occurred.


With the theme in place for what is at stake for the Huskers, the subject of offensive lineman, Darren DeLone was still going to be a particular item of interest. Not for Callahan though, as he stated that DeLone would play this weekend, but outside of that, he had no comments on the matter, deferring to the judicial system and that it's in their hands now.


Also and of particular interest are the stories of players possibly transferring from the team. Defensive lineman – Danny Muy, Offensive lineman – Cory Timm and Offensive lineman – Chris Patrick. Callahan addressed their situations as they stand right now.


Danny Muy – "I really like Danny and it's too bad things didn't work out for him. I think he felt mutually that he would be best served in a program where he can see some playing time earlier for his career."


Chris Patrick – "I talked to his father this morning and he's mulling over the decision of possibly returning to the squad. After talking to his father, we would certainly want him back. I indicated that to Chris in my meeting with him, that I want him back with the team. I encouraged him to persevere and to keep working."


"Right now, he's working hard to possibly come back. I don't know. It will be decided tonight whether he returns to the team or not."


Ryan Schuler – "I don't even know him. I really don't. I have met him once or twice. He underwent some problems with blood clots unfortunately. But, he was on medical, so I don't know why this comes as a surprise to anyone."


Cory Timm – "He has left temporarily to try and get a grip on his academics. He was a little bit behind the eight-ball and it was in his best interests to really do a better job in the classroom. So, he's working hard in trying to redeem himself academically if he decides to come back."


The loss of players after such a dramatic change in the coaching staff shouldn't come as a surprise. Clashes in personality, the reality of where they sit on the depth chart, all are reasons that many players throughout the country see as solid enough to look elsewhere for time.


Callahan hoped that he wouldn't see a continual migration out, because, he's not ruling any players out for the future. "I hope they stay." Callahan said. "I like this team. I'd like to see it to continue to grow in every respect."


Right now, Callahan estimates that he's somewhere in the high seventy range as far as scholarship players on the team right now.


There is a bottom line to the press conference and it's quite obviously the bottom line to what this team has riding on the line this Friday. It's typical to all the cliché's, but the one that seemingly fits the best is "do or die".


You win, you move on – you lose, you stay home. With a college football division that doesn't have a playoff, this certainly pans out as one, Nebraska looking to win just to stay alive. "It's been a trying season." Callahan said. "We've put ourselves in this situation and we have an opportunity to get out of it this weekend. We are working towards a win and looking forward to that on Friday."


The game is slated to kickoff at 11:00 A.M. and will be aired on ABC sports.

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