Virginia Prospect Nolen Checks In

Coveted along the East Coast and in the Heartland, Todd Nolen carries offers to several high quality institutions, including Nebraska. We haven't heard much from the three-star prospect, so what's he up to? How has his season been and what other visits is he planning to make?

As Nebraska looks to continue the transition from a primarily power running attack into Coach Bill Callahan's version of the West Coast Offense, the need for a new breed of receiver is apparent.  Some of the names thrown out there show that Nebraska is going for some of the finest, one such name is Todd Nolen.  Nolen stands six feet, two inches tall and weighs in at 175 pounds coupled with 4.4 speed in the 40-yard dash and has the attention of several east coast schools along with Nebraska.  


Recently, Nolen took a visit to see Virginia play.  What did he think of the visit?  "It was nice. It was exciting to see a game day atmosphere.  It was really loud, the fans were standing up and there were a lot of people, it seemed like it was a hyped atmosphere," said Nolen.  Todd rated his visit as a "9 ½" on a scale from 1-10.


Nolen plans to take an official visit back to Virginia eventually, but plans to visit Nebraska in December, though he hasn't scheduled a time as of yet.  He also plans to visit Virginia Tech and North Carolina.  Nolen's interest in the Cornhuskers isn't a passing fancy, however.  "It's pretty high," he said.  So, who does Nebraska have to credit Nolen's interest in the university?  C"oach Elmassian (is recruiting me), he seems like he's a nice person, easy to get along with and a good coach," said Nolen. 


Has Coach Elmassian and Nebraska contacted Nolen as of late?  "Not much lately, but I talked to them around two, three weeks ago."  Nolen said that he is looking to get in contact with Nebraska very soon, however. 


Nolen finds himself and his Hampton High team in the semi-finals of the playoffs following a 47-12 win in the previous game.  He had 3 catches for 123 yards and two touchdowns and an interception to complete his game.  As Todd continues to take his visits and narrow things down, those vying for his services will either have their hearts broken or their hopes buoyed by this exciting prospect out of Virginia.

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